Emojiathon Progress Diary

I can not believe it, this is my first ever month long readathon. As I have been doing for readathons lately, I’m going to blog my progress here, but unlike the others, I wont be doing it every day as that would just end up way too long. Every now and again, I will just be dropping in and writing a little update as to what I have been up to and how I’m getting on with my reading. It is a busy month for me, with my birthday and a university essay due, so I’m not putting on too much pressure. Well lets go…So as I’m writing this, its the 5th of the month already, and I am yet to finish my first book much to my disappointment. The first few days I ended up being pretty busy with my Nan and partner over which stopped me from being able to read, but from today that should change. I’m a little over half way through my first book ‘A Breath After Drowning’, and am loving it; hoping I’ll get it finished today. If I do manage to then that will be book I’ve never heard of, mental illness, a book I’ve started and haven’t finished and mystery/thriller book challenges completed, that’s FOUR challenges completed!

Well it is now the 17th of March- yes, I have really been that bad at this readathon this time around. I managed to finish A Breath After Drowning, so I have now completed four challenges. After that I started The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris, I have almost finished it and will probably be finishing it today. The only challenge I can think of counting this towards is that it involves a football match so could count as involving sports. Either that or my Freebie book.

I have also started Member of The Family by Dianne Lake, a non-fiction about the youngest of Charles Manson’s girls. For such a dark topic, I am loving this book, its so fascinating and written in a way that it almost seems like a story where you are waiting to find out what happens next. I keep having to remind myself that these shocking things actually happened. This will obviously count as being my non-fiction read as well as having my favourite colour on the cover! So far I’m 106 pages into this, so should have it finished by the end of the month.

Now its the 18th, but I did not have the great reading day I had been hoping for yesterday. But I did manage to start the audiobook of Morrighan by Mary E Pearson, this is the prequel novella to the Remnant Chronicles series. This will cover the audiobook and fantasy book challenges. This is only two and half hours long, and Ive already listened to the first half hour so I’m confident that I’ll get this finished. Once again today, I am hoping to have a jam packed reading day, hoping to finish the Tattooist of Auschwitz and pick my next book.

This readathon is going anything but well, this reading slump has fully sunk in and although I keep wanting to read I just cant get into anything. So its the evening of 25th, and I’m about to go to bed; think I might pick up Gemina as hoping it will be an easy read and get me back into reading. I finished the Tattooist of Auschwitz which was amazing but that is all I have managed really; not a good reading month in the slightest- actually behind on my GoodReads goal now which is very annoying!

Wow, so its now the 30th of March and the last time that I am going to get a chance to update this diary because of going away for Easter. This did not go well. I only managed a total of 2 books for the whole month, this sets me really behind on my GoodReads goal. I am hoping to catch up with some graphic novels while I am away, but I may be a bit too busy, I’ll see what happens.

How did your Emojiathon go?

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