My top 5 favourite Disney Movies

On this blog I have been thinking that I would love to start having posts on other topics that I enjoy, and what better than Disney to start with. Ive watched so many of the Disney movies, and am really trying to finish off watching the ones I haven’t watched this year. However, I really do have my set favourites, that I can not see changing. When it comes to the Disney movies, half of what makes my favourites my favourites, is the music sound tracks. So lets get into my top 5 Disney movies.Moana – Number 5 is Moana. Admittedly, I only actually saw this recently when it was on Sky movies, but I just love it. The music, the pictures, and just the moral to the whole story was absolutely beautiful. Normally I just love the classic Disney movies more than I do the newer ones, but Moana is the exception. I really should try listening to the soundtrack to this around the house or when I’m reading.

101 Dalmatians – I think 101 Dalmatians has been in my top 5 for pretty much my entire life. Full of adorable dogs, I used to have a whole bunch of imaginary animal friends that were based off of the Dalmatian family. Two parent dogs, their puppies and then the adoptive puppies they helped with. It used to keep me entertained for hours in my childhood. This movie just shows how amazing dogs are.

Robin Hood- This just holds so many memories to me, as one of my Nan’s favourite movies, I have many memories of sitting and watching this while over at my grandparents. I have just always loved all the various animals, but to be fair I enjoy many varieties of retellings of Robin Hood. I just feel like this movie will be one to forever make me smile.

Aladdin- Between this and Lion King, it was really hard to decide which was my favourite, but to be fair the more I think about it, it is definitely this way around. I have forever loved the hope, whimsical, and once again music of the Aladdin movies. For a very long time I wanted to be Jasmine, though this was partly just so I could have a pet tiger. Actually I would of been quite happy with a little pet monkey as well.

The Lion King- I have adored this movie for as long as I can possibly remember. To be fair, I love the second one as well; who could resist Zazu? Or to be fair any of the many animals. Some times I’m a touch ashamed to admit, but you know I shouldn’t be, Lion King is very possibly my all time favourite movie.

So I think this makes it quite obvious that I like the Disney movies that have lots of animals in it, and I am not ashamed! Disney animals are just adorable. So what are your favourite Disney movies?

2 thoughts on “My top 5 favourite Disney Movies

  1. Great post! Amazing choice with the Lion King although I’m nearly in tears just thinking about Mufasa….

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