Bed Rest Diaries #2 Part 1

Well its been five months since I was last told to go on bed rest so I should really be happy about it, but it is still so annoying.  After having a cold for a week, and doing all I could to try and get rid of that, I have ended up with a bad case of bronchitis. The plan for the next week therefore is a strong dose of antibiotics and a week of bed rest; and that can only mean another bed rest diaries edition.img_0341-3Day 1- 22/5/18

After going to the doctor yesterday, today is my first full day on bed rest. Antibiotics are making me feel pretty rough so only really managed to catch up on some of last nights TV this morning. I am hoping to use this time to get a good amount of reading done though. Currently I’m in the middle of several books, but three of them I think I will be continuing on with this week. The first being The True Queen by Alison Weir, which is my current read and what seems to be getting me out of my read slump; I’m currently 119 pages into it. I am buddy reading The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert, currently at page 83, but I think I might read ahead on this one. And finally, ages ago I started Down Among the Sticks and Bones by Seanan McGuire and am only 30 pages in, but I think I will continue on with that this week as its a pretty easy quick read.

Other things I might do today are blog writing and working on my bullet journal, but I will be doing it all in my pjamas so it completely counts. I’ll update you later.

Day 2- 23/5/18

Well, today is pants. My ME has kicked in full swing, I barely even have the energy to write this. I feel like I’m fighting a fog cloud to even stay awake, let alone focus on anything.

Yesterday was successful though, I wrote a blog post, and read up to page 163 of The True Queen. I’ll update later if I have the energy.

Day 3- 24/5/18

So yesterday was the very definition of a rough day, and if I’m honest I am not feeling much better now. But thankfully I am feeling a bit more positive and less upset so that helps.

My boyfriend ended up coming over last night to keep me company and help, which if nothing else it cheered me up. Today, I am on strict orders to take all my pain relief, and to completely rest.

Now almost 7pm, and I have done absolutely nothing all day! I have done a few things in my bullet journal, and watched lots of silly TV. Frustratingly I didn’t pick my book quite like I wanted to, as just haven’t had the energy. Going to hopefully read through most of tomorrow, but will wait and see again. Can definitely say that I do not feel better, I am tired, I hurt and am just flat out fed up. Ash is over again tonight, so may not do another update, but will see.

Day 4- 25/5/18

Its almost 3pm, and today has been another rough one. Tomorrow was meant to be my last day on bed rest and antibiotics, but after waking up in a lot of chest pain I called and have now been given more, and been told to stay on bed rest over the weekend. Just have to call back on Tuesday if still not feeling any better.

Well I still have done no more reading, I’ve just had zero energy, so just been watching silly TV really. Haven’t even been able to focus enough to watch some of my favourite shows latest episode. Done lots of work in my bullet journal and that’s about it really. I am, as always, hoping to get some reading down in a moment before Ash comes home.

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