November 18 Goals

Well as you very well may of noticed, October was not my month. I just got myself all messed up with studying, the blog, and just general life. I am now trying to make a conscious effort to get myself back on top of anything. For the next several months I do need to find a way to balance keeping the blog going while I am now back at studying towards my degree. img_0341-3So overall, I’m not really going to mention my blogging goals, as none of them have done well at all. You have to be consistent and dedicated in order to be successful within the blogging community; this month I certainly was anything but dedicated, and ended up actually walking away from the blog for a couple of weeks. But now I am back, and I am determined, I just need to keep myself together and be focused; keep my goal in view and push myself. For November, I am going to go easy on myself just to get myself back in the motion of things. My wordpress follower goal will be to hit 200 followers, and for Twitter I would like to get to the 1000 mark finally. Then for my overall blog views, I am going to go back to the goal of 1.4k as I smashed this in September. The whole idea for November is just to get through and get back to being consistent.

But I feel like it needs to be said that I will never expect much of myself in November, for me and my family its one of those months that we really struggle with. I might write more about this at a later point in the month.

With that being said I want to reiterate my October goal of getting myself into a routine for studying. I want to carry this over as it didn’t really happen this month, I have started to get into some good patterns, but I need to make it a bit more of a regular routine.

Finally, the only other goal, which is again something I’ve mentioned a few months ago, is to really focus myself on my meditation and yoga. Since the beginning of the month I have completely slipped with my yoga but that is mostly because of not being well. As for meditating it has become a bit hit and miss, and I truly think that I need to start fitting this into my routine more consistently.

Sorry for such a simple goals most this time around, but November is a tough month for me, and I am hoping to just get through without too many melt downs. If I get through this month smiling then I will be happy.

Do you have any goals for the month?

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