Bed Rest Diaries #3

Guess what? Yes that’s right, I’m back in bed feeling ill again. Over a week ago now I went to the doctors with difficulty breathing and was diagnosed with a chest infection, given antibiotics, and sent to get on with it. Normally if you just rest up a little, keep warm and take the antibiotics you will recover within a week or so; but after getting worse and talking to the doctor again on Friday I was instructed to go to bed and rest up.


So Saturday and Sunday were in full on bed rest mood, only difference was that this time around I had my brilliant partner keeping me company. In those two days we binge watched all of Fried on Netflix and all of the first season and half of the second season of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. First of all, why is there not a season two of Fried?! Its so funny and original, why in the world was it cancelled after just the first season, its one of those shows that needed to of had several seasons!!

Secondly, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is fabulous. I have never seen a show with the concept of a group of girls that have been trapped in a cult that has kept them underground for the past 15 years, following just one of them trying to now live a normal life in New York City. This is belly hurting hilarious, with about five season on Netflix, it is the perfect binge watch programme, I highly recommend it.

After still no improvement come Monday it was back to the doctors, received new antibiotics, and been told that bed rest will need to continue for the following week. Now Monday, I rested but I did end up going out for lunch, but now its Tuesday, I am making a point of doing NOTHING. WELL except for writing this…

So this has been a bit of a different bed rest situation for me this time around with me mostly spending time catching up on TV or binge watching Netflix rather than reading. I’ve dedicated time to my journal, and to just generally resting up.

Fingers crossed I wont be having to do any further entries to this bed rest diaries as I am hoping to be out and about come tomorrow.

You had any Winter bugs this year? Love to hear what you do to spend the time recovering.

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