Bed Rest Diaries #3 Part 2

Well if you were here last week then you would of seen that I have been feeling a bit rough and that I did a short stint on bed rest, you can see the post here. Despite really hoping to be back on my feet so I could head back to my partners house, it really did not work out that way and am still at the time of writing this, on bed rest. schizo

On Wednesday, I was told to keep resting due to the antibiotics upsetting my stomach; normally you would try new antibiotics, but as I have had issues with them already not working, they really didn’t want to do this, and was told to try and keep going with them for now.

Wednesday wasn’t exactly the most resting of days, my partner and his little lady came over for lunch. Now watching a one year old may be tiring instead of resting but it does really help me with my mental health; I don’t know if that is a general thing, but spending the day with that little lady, makes it almost impossible to not smile. I cant help but think that spending time with young children, or just children that are happy and playful, will always find a way of brightening your day. Little Beauty, as well as her Daddy, always make me happy.

But after talking to the doctor, I then headed back to bed and proceeded to binge watch all of season one and half of season two of Fear the Walking Dead. Wow, I didn’t expect it to be so good! I have never been a fan of the Walking Dead, but this has really got all of my intention. Don’t really mind being on bed rest if I get to binge watch this.

Thursday became a complete rest day. My Nan has come over to help me out, and I spent the entire day just working on my journal and doing some blog planning. I find these to be things that are ideal for resting for me, they keep my brain working, while allowing my body to completely rest and recuperate. With silly TV on for background noise, I love getting my craft box out and doing some planning. Sadly though, with me struggling to get my eyes to focus because of headaches, I have not been able to read which is really disappointing for me as I love to try and marathon through books when I’m on bed rest.

And that leads us onto today, Friday. Once again, I was back to the doctors, but thankfully this time I was told that my chest has finally cleared up. Unfortunately though my body is still showing signs of infection, and my lunch capacity test thing came up really rather low. So another few days on the nasty antibiotics, and lots more resting. Today has been a much better resting day, watched silly Christmas films with my Nan, and once again working on some journal prep. I feel a touch better mentally today just from having the doctor tell me my chest is clear, but sometimes that is half the battle when you have anxiety. Now I’m going to spend the evening watching the soaps, and relaxing before an early night I think.

Well, I am returning to this on Thursday… Yes that is almost an entire week since I last updated, and I have to say that resting has completely failed. We went out Saturday night for a Christmas meal with my Mums family, and although I was very apprehensive, it actually went really well. But that was then followed by a dinner at my partners, and then a few very tough and trying days helping look after my partners daughter. Sad to say this included an almost 12 hour stint in A&E. All is good now though, and am finally back home.

Still I am having a few issues with breathing whenever I try to do anything, so it is looking like I will be doing a further phone call to the doctors tomorrow.

How has your week been?

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