What’s in my Bullet Journal?

Recently, I told you about how I started my Bullet Journal, and some of my reasons for starting it. I can not wait to do more posts about my journal, from the equipment I use and the different spreads I have tried out. But for today I thought I would let you know about my pattern of what I have in my current journal for each month.

Each month is started with a monthly overview page, that just consists of a list of events, birthday and any important information that I feel is relevant for the upcoming month. Alongside this I also have a ‘Highlights’ page, which I just update throughout the month with any super special things that happen in the month.

The only ‘trackers’ as such that I have in my journal now, are one for my books and one for the blog. On the book pages I just have a list of challenges, the books I plan on reading for the month, and then throughout the month I have a section where I write the books that I actually end up reading. Within the four pages I have for my blog, I have a mini calendar of the dates that I am planning on posting new blog posts, and a little ‘Brain Dump Area’ where I just note down any different blog post ideas that I may have. The other three blog pages are just left blank for me to record what I have worked on with the blog, so I can see what I have scheduled and can leave notes for myself if I need to make any edits.

Just for fun I then have a section of questions for fun. I use the 365 Questions that you can find on Pinterest; there are loads on there of all different varieties. I just like having this as its something fun to do each day, and some of the questions really do get me thinking at the start of the day. When I write the questions out, I sometimes tweak them a little just to make them more fitting for me personally- again that’s the beauty of bullet journal.

Then we get to my weeklys. Weeklys are a common spread in bullet journals as it is just a few pages where you plan out your week in terms of any appointments as well as all the things you want to get done that week. On my weeklys I have a weekly calendar so I can draw out and see what I am up to that week, which I find then helps me to plan out when I’m going to manage to get my study done for that week. Opposite this I have three sections, Notes, To Do Tasks and Key Memories. Its as simple as it sounds, I write any notes for the week in the notes, the things I want to get done in the ‘To Do Tasks’, and then through out the week I put any happy moments that have happened during the week in the ‘Key Memories’ section. I love to just have a note of happy moments in life in my journal as I find them nice to read back over when I am having a tough day.

Then the final pages I have each month in my journal are my ‘Daily Tasks’, again another very typical bullet journal page. I don’t feel like I need to explain this too much as it really is what it sounds like, it is just an area for me to write my to-do list each day to help me keep my days focused. I will admit, I am always over ambitious with it, giving myself loads of things to do that I will never be able to do all of.

Do you have a bullet journal? What do you include in yours?

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