Reading Goals 2019

After such a failure of 2018 in terms of my reading, I am determined to make an improvement with the up coming year, I wont push myself too much, but I definitely need to do better. Have a look back at what goals I set myself last year, and how I actually got on, and you will see the benchmark of where I need to improve.

My biggest plan is to just get back to reading what I really enjoy, more thrillers and fantasy and historical fiction. I sometimes get myself so set in trying to achieve things that I lose the enjoyment in it, so from now on I am going to stick to what I love and I know that I will enjoy reading. Still may try and find new authors, but stick more to things that sound like I am going to love rather than feeling like I should ‘give it a go’.

Same as last year I really want to work on getting through some of the many books that are still on my shelves from ages ago. I have a terrible habit of buying many many books, thinking that I will at some point get to them, but I end up not getting to them for months, if not years. As I am trying to save money for moving this year, I will not be buying as many books, limiting myself to my new release pre-orders and any vouchers I may get. So this leaves me in the perfect situation this year to focus on reading lots of the book I have got stored up.

Finally there is one more plan, and that is to once again focus on dedicating the time to reading some of the many big tomes that I own. I love big fantasy novels, I love to get really into a world, and feel fully emerged and forget about the world. But for some reason I always put it off, I get nervous about the making the commitment that I always go for the smaller books.

So that’s all my reading goals for 2019, I am so looking forward to the coming year and cant wait to see what I end up reading.  What are you hoping to read this year?

8 thoughts on “Reading Goals 2019

  1. These are lovely goals! I haven’t set too many – my main one is my Goodreads challenge. I feel like I waste so much of my free time (which is rare at uni) on my phone. So I’ve set it at 45 books to remind myself that the time I waste on my phone when commuting, waiting for things etc, can actually be used to read!

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