Cute and Cuddly’s Update

I didn’t really know what to call this post, as I don’t want it to seem too formal. This is purely a cute post to give you an update on all my adorable (at least to me) fur babies; plus who doesn’t love some cute photos to brighten your day.

img_4806Sadly last year I lost my two baby boys, the gerbils, Drip and Digger. I had mentioned them several times on the blog with Gerbil Antics, as well as celebrating having them for three years. They were my absolute angels, and loved them to pieces; who knew that two tiny rodents could get you through such a hard time when nothing else seemed to work? The one thing with their passing that I can be glad of, was they both went from just old age, and only a few weeks apart. I know that I gave them both a wonderful life, and did everything I ever could to make them happy and comfortable.



But last year also brought me my absolute guardian angel of a fluff ball.  Barney (Barney Bear, Barnaby, Baby, Barnabous, he has many names..), is one of the most amazingly talented while brilliantly adorable dog I could ever ask for. He will never replace my two previous dogs, but Barney is all the help I have needed, having trained him to assist me he is such a help. I once again have the confidence to be home on my own, knowing that if I was to fall or have any issues then he would be there for me and would do all he could to get the attention of someone to come and help me. And when he isn’t helping me physically, he has me laughing constantly at his stupidity, and hilarious behaviour.img_0698-1

The constant beauty as always are my three degu girls, Belle, Ariel and Mulan. Rescuing those three are one of the best things I think I have ever done; seeing them improve more and more each and every day, makes all the bite, scratches and generally hard work Ive done for them all worth it. They are absolutely monkeys, monster and general terrors. My Nan even refers to them as Monsters Inc. From the scared shy little creatures they were they are now adorable little characters, who love nothing more than a tummy rub and a monkey nut from your hand. It truly is a fantastic feeling to have them climbing on your hand, trying to groom you as if you were one of their own.

So that’s an update on all the furry beings in my mad house. They are all so adorable and add so much character to the house. You never go an hour without hearing one of them getting up to mischief, whether that be the girls have a bustle, or Barney wanting tummy rubs. I just love them all.img_0693

Do you have any pets?

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