Reading Goals 2018

OH dear, you’ll be seeing this before my look back on my 2017 challenges as that’s going up in the new year, but you would be thinking ‘why are you bothering with challenges after such a failure?’ I’ll tell you why, I find it fun, even if like this year, that it all goes pear shape because life gets in the way, its nice to look back on when I’m not sure what to pick up next. 

This is going to be a touch similar to last years, but I think there may be a few differences, we’ll see how this goes.

Lets start with my Goodreads goal. I make one of these each year and I have done reasonably well some years, although not 2017. As I really didn’t come near to my goal last year, I will be sticking with the goal of 75 books to be read in 2018. This roughly works out to be just over six books in a month. This should be easily do able as I read a book in about 4 days, and that’s not counting the graphic novels that I fly through.

Another repeat is my goal to add to my 100 books to read before you die challenge. I’m not doing overly well with it in the last few years, but I definitely have quite a few of the titles on my shelves so it should be easy. I’m hoping to at least get through some of the children’s classics on the list.

This is a slightly odd one, but I would love to read some more of the books from my favourite authors. I have quite a few Alison Weir, Philippa Gregory and Ben Kane novels that I have on my shelves but have still not picked up. I have no excuse as to why I have yet to pick these up as I’ve loved almost everything, if not everything, that I have ever read from these authors.

Ideally in the new year, I’d really like to try and tackle some of the bigger books on my shelves. I own the whole of the Song of Ice and Fire series but have only read the first one, so would definitely be worth while to get to the second one. Also own Outlander, and The Name of the Wind, as well as loads of other really big tomes, that I’ve just been putting off purely because of their size. May be worth me jumping in with a tome topple readathon some point soon.

So finally, same as last year, I really need to finish off some of the many series that I have started. Especially Harry Potter and Deathnote. Deathnote I have been reading for quite a while now, and got the final one for my birthday back in March, so its just wasting time now. Especially as I could fly through it in a day.

Let me know if there are any other fun challenges going on this year, I love challenging myself with my reading.

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