Most Anticipated YA Releases of 2019

One of the most exciting things about each new year is finding out all the amazing new books that are waiting to come out. Although I have been in a horrible reading slump, I really cant wait to get back to my books this year; after all there are some really amazing books coming out this year that I just cant wait to get my hands on. Will have to be clever with how I do that with trying to save money this year though.

This year I am splitting this post into three (possibly more…), each one focusing on a different genre; it would just be way too long or I’d have to cut some out otherwise. So here are my most anticipated Young Adult books that are being released this year.

All but one of these books are by authors I have already read and loved. The only one that isn’t is Romanov by Nadine Brandes, which I cant wait for because of the plot and what its focused around. Anyone that has known me for anytime will know that I have a love and fascination with Russian history and especially the Romanovs and the last Tsar. Although slightly fantastical I am not sure whether it is a fantasy or a magical realism, but I love the idea of Anastasia Romanov as a leading character, and cant wait to read some fiction in this setting. Would love any other recommendations to books, young adult or adult, that are based in Russia, especially 1900’s Russia. 40590407

One of my favourite books of 2018 was Hazel Wood by Melissa Wood, a magical realism about a girl who end up in a fairy tale nightmare world, it really is rather chilling. In 2019, the next book in the series is coming out. Got to admit I don’t know whether it is going to be a series or a duology, but I just cant wait for the second book. Its one of those novels that has you feeling unsettled and wanting to keep a light one, but its amazing. You can read my review of Hazel Wood here.

Leigh Bardugo is another of those authors that I have been late to discover, but I have now read the first two books in the Grisha verse, and I own the last one as well as the Crooked Kingdom duology. Even though, I can not wait for her new book in the same world, King of Scars. So this year I am going to have to get through the rest of her books that I own so that I can then pick King of Scars straight up, I set myself that challenge. 36307634
One of my childhood favourite series was the Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman. When I was a child I didn’t really understand the ethical importance, and just how much it portrayed real life situations. Only now that I am older and think back to the books I realise just how much of a message they portray. But back to the blog, I am incredibly excited for her next book in the same world and I believe to be a new book in the series, Crossfire. From what I have read, it is the same world but with more of an up to date message in terms of what has been happening in the real world over the past few years.

Now a new series, but a tried and tested author partnership, Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff, the authors of the Illuminae series. Although I haven’t read anything by either of these authors separately, they are really amazing when they come together in their books. So its no surprise that I am excited for their next venture in novel writing together which is Aurora Rising, the first in a new Sci-fi series I believe. Although once again I really need to read Obsidio which is the final book in their Illuminae series, I have started it once but that was during a reading slump so me putting it down was not anything to do with the book itself.

Finally, and a repeat author here, I have Dev1at3 by Jay Kristoff. Now I haven’t actually gotten round to reading Lifel1k3 yet which is the first book in this series, but I have been looking forward to it so much that I wanted to wait for the second book to come out so that I can marathon through the two. Think I will have to start it as soon the second one it out.

So they are my top Young Adult novels that I am looking forward to being released this year, what 2019 books are you looking forward to?


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