January’19 App Goals

Last year I discovered some really useful apps that I am finding are really helping me to make healthier choices for myself. With this new year, I plan on setting out goals to try and help me keep up with trying to be healthier in ways that I can control. So although I call this my January goals, I am probably not going to do a post like this each month as really they are going to be the same month to month. But oh well, be best to start as I mean to go on for the year.

If you want to have a look at the apps I discovered last year, that I am setting the goals for, then you can read all about that in my previous blog posts.

The first is a very simple app that is automatically on most phones, or at least I know it is on Iphones, and that is the Health app. It is a rather simple app that can track how many steps you have done, as long as you keep your phone on you. Although it is not as accurate as a fit bit or any other sport watch it is still useful for someone who isn’t overly active and just wants a way of judging what days have been more active than others. So the aim for this app is to hit a minimum of 2000 steps each and every day. Now this may seem like a very low target, but as a spoonie who has very limited mobility this is actually quite an achievement for myself. My plan is to allow myself a day a week where I will not beat myself up if I do not reach this goal. The thought behind this is that it will hopefully stop me from over doing it.

My Water is another app I had used last year that allows me to track my how much water and other fluids I am taking on board. As someone with kidney and bladder issues, I have to take on more water than an average person in on to hold of infection and keep things flushing through. As of lately I have kind of let the app go dormant but with the new year I am going to aim to hit 3 litres each day. That’s the minimum that I am meant to do as it is, though I should ideally have 4-5 litres. I don’t really want to have any let off from this one, but I am also very aware that when I am out and about it is harder to track how much I am having, but I am going to really try and track it each day and see how I go. img_1063

Finally is an amazing app, Headspace, a meditation app that has guided sessions you can work through. It even has series of sessions on various topics, such as pain or sleep, and these can be truly really useful if you have a specific personal demon that you want to try and combat. Now, I have a full subscription with this app, but I have once again dropped this app into a dormant state, which is not only money down the drain but its also not helping me with trying to improve my mental state. So from January, I am going to start using it dedicatedly again, I want to do a minimum of 4 minutes of  mindful time each day. This app also links back to the Apple Health app so I can track it all on one app. I also want to be using the app a minimum of 6 days a weeks; again I am giving myself a day so if Im out and about and don’t get round to it or forget then I will not be beating myself up with it.
So those are my app goals for the year, well at least unless I increase them. My plan is to track these goals within my bullet journal, so I wont nessacarily put an update each month on the blog but I will see.

Do you have any apps that help you to form and stick to healthy habits?

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