Jan’19 Blog Goals

I don’t know if you are new around here, but if you aren’t then you would of noticed that I am on a bout of posting every day throughout January. Going into this I had a few reason; first of all, I had too many ideas of posts I wanted to do for the start if the year, secondly, I wanted to start the year off with a really good successful month. Start as you mean to go on right?

So my plans for January are rather straight forward, I am going to publish a post each and every day, varying in topic and style. Some more picture based, some just me offloading my mind (plus Im sure to forget photos for some as usual)… But hopefully they will all be of interest to some of you.

The hope is, with 31 posts in 31 days, that I will hit a minimum of 500 views through the month. This is a lot lower than I was aiming at times last year, but I am not well, and trying to study so I am being realistic. Quite often when I am not feeling 100%, social media is really the last thing on my mind; I know I’m terrible blogger, I love the writing, but I really am not a fan of self promotion. I enjoy comment threads when I have a moment of energy, but that is about it. So I feel that 500 is a realistic goal, and I’d be proud to achieve it.

Again, I am trying to keep things realistic with my WordPress follower goal. So I am going to set my target at 225. If any looks at my followers now, will spot that I am not too far from this already, but I have always found that my wordpress followers grow very slowly, so I just want to aim for something that I am more likely to achieve. This is something I feel comfortable with; but as the year goes on I will be pushing myself, but currently my priority is in recovering from being so ill.

So for the month of January those are all the goals for the blog and social media that I am going to set myself. I will be keeping up with my posting throughout January all things going as planned, but may not always be on social media each day, so be sure to check back each day.

Now, the all important question,.. I am starting to plan out February, but should I be doing 2 or 3 posts each week once January is over? Ideally I want a rough schedule, but as normal with tours and things, I will still be doing more now and again.

Look forward to hearing your opinions. 🙂



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