My Recent Games on my Phone

I have always been a bad one for playing games on my phone, but in the past year I have become much worse with it, I have been getting highly addicted to games and finding myself completing them in a matter of days. So here I am going to let you know the ones that I have completed and since deleted, one I have played and decided I didn’t overly like, and ones I am currently playing. Hey, if any of you have any long waits coming up in cars or waiting rooms, it may give you some ideas. I do just want to say that I do not pay a single penny on any of the mobile games I play, they really are just something silly to sit and do when I am not feeling too well and just want to keep my brain occupied.

So there are two that I have actually completed all the challenges on and have hence deleted. The first is a game called Slices, a game where you are presented with different sections of a pie, and you have to try and complete as many full pies as possible. Its really quite straight forward, but you’d be surprised how much it has you thinking sometimes. Although you can just play it constantly, after I completely all the challenges, I found I actually got rather bored by it, which is why I then deleted it. However if you like games that get your brain thinking then I would definitely have a look at it.

The next is Shoot n Merge. Again this is a puzzle game a bit like Tetris, you have a moving ceiling and you have blocks with numbers. You have to match numbers together for them to merge into a larger number. This one was super addictive, but again once you have completed the challenges it does start to get to be a bit repetitive and  I lost the enjoyment from it. But it certainly kept me entertained for a month or so.

Now there are only two games that I have played and decided that I didn’t like so deleted. Both I just found got a bit boring and I never was wanting to play. Peak- Brain Training, was a really cool app, but what I hadn’t realised when I downloaded it was that it only lets you play so many games a day. You can get around this by paying, but as I said, I refuse to pay for these games as they are just boredom breakers for me. This was quickly deleted. The other was Snake V Blocks; I wont lie, I deleted this out of frustration. Its so addictive, but once you get stuck on it, it just seems like there is no way around it, so I angrily deleted this one. I would definitely contemplate reuploading this one in the future.

So the games that I am hooked on at the moment are very different although again they are both number based. Picture Cross is amazing, its like a picture jigsaw that you have to use number patterns in order to work out. This again gets really annoying when you get stuck on one, but once you get yourself over it, it is so very addictive. I am in love with this game, and am worried that I am starting to get to the end of the challenges so will ultimately be having to say goodbye to this one soon. If you know of any others that are as good this one then PLEASE let me know.

The other that I am playing on and off is a game called 2 for 2. This is another number game where you have to join numbers up in order for them to merge. Again highly addictive until you get stuck and then it becomes ultimate infuriating; but I have now come down to the last few challenges, but they are so tough that I think that it may take me a while.

I do still have Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery and Farmville downloaded, as these are still games that I will probably go back and continue with at some point, but at the moment I have not been in the mood for them. I also have Cooking Craze downloaded that I have been loving, but I just have not had the concentration to be playing it lately, but hopefully when Im more on the mend I will get back to this one.

In terms of next games to start playing, I have three others ready and waiting to go. They are Tiny Tower, Bloxorz, and VV Origins 2. Let me know if you have played any of these games and what you thought off them?

Please let me know of any other free mobile games that you have enjoyed, I would be very interested to try some more as I do seem to get through them rather quick at times. What have you been playing?

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