Paperback Vs Hardback

Now everyone has their preferences, from hardback to paperback, and then nowadays you also have audiobooks and e-books; each have their negatives and positives, and it is really just a matter of what works best for you.

Personally, my favourite is really rather clear; you just cannot beat a nice new hardback book. I read a real mix of paperback, hardback and e-books, but every single time I will prefer a hardback. There is just something so satisfying about siting on the sofa with your legs up, and big hardback book sitting on your legs; holding itself open so that you can enjoy your cuppa tea while staying immersed in the story.

Now I can appreciate the practicality of an eBook. The ability to carry around 100s if not more books, with just the weight of one small portable tablet is just perfect for anyone who travels a lot, or even just if you only have a small home and want to have access to many books whenever it may strike your mood to read them. However, I have quite a major issue with eBooks. Not only do you not get the same reading experience, but you also have the problem of that they can run out of battery. Up until my recent move I lived somewhere where I would quite often find myself having a power cut, which of course makes it not possible to charge up an ereader. You never have that problem with a good old physical book. I am bad enough as it is at remembering to charge up my phone and laptop- things I use every day- let alone trying to remember to charge up my book.

Audiobooks have simple disadvantages to eBooks really, they require an item of electronics that will need regular charging; but I also have one other issue with audiobooks. It is one that I really do want to get over, as I want 2019 to be a year where I start listening to more audiobooks. My main issue with audiobooks is that I struggle to follow them, I will think that I am paying attention, but then when I stop, I will be unable to remember a thing that had gone on in the book I’d just listened to. Since a child, I have always had an issue with remember things that I had heard, I have much more of a photographic memory than I do an audio memory; I need to improve this somehow, advice is very welcome?

So that rules out the electronic versions of reading, leaving paperback or softcover, and hardback books. Now both have their positives, and you know my easy favourite, but I’ve not said what I have against paperbacks. Well the truth is, I don’t have anything against them, they are light weight, generally cheaper, and more compact for transporting around. The truth is, I just like the excitement that I get from a new hardback book, knowing that its a new book, looking at the maps and knowing that this book will be epic.

That’s my brief thoughts on which format of book I prefer, what are your thoughts?

5 thoughts on “Paperback Vs Hardback

      1. Glad I am not the only one. Though saying that I am reading a Paperback at the moment that I found could hold itself open today which is pretty wonderful! 🙂 Got to drink my cuppa while reading 🙂

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