Lets Chat… Another A&E trip

Well, another bit of a break from my January planning– interrupted by me spending another day in the hospital. What should of been a simple doctors appointment led to my doctor calling the hospital and asking them to admit me; thankfully they have decided against this for now.schizo

So what’s happened? I was just feeling very, very tired again, and in a lot of pain in my side; tests have shown that the infection is in fact actually clearing itself up, but that does raises the question of what is making me feel so unwell?

From tests today we have found that my inflammation makers are high but otherwise my bloods are normal, Ive got a slightly high temperature, and high heart rate and blood pressure. Im very reactive to any pressure on my right loin, and my normal pain reliefs are not touching it. The current plan is to use the morphine tonight to get through and have a decent nights sleep, and then back at 8am for CT scan to see if they can see the problem.

The likely possibilities are either kidney stones or a cyst somewhere in the kidney area. Here’s to the hope that I am not kept in tomorrow (although today for when you are seeing this), and that this doesn’t stop my full month of blogging.

Funny moment today was taking out a canula, after having morphine and blood spurting everywhere and just laughing. Nurses went into a panic trying to fix it. What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you in A&E?

I really am one for focusing on the positives while I’m not well, you’ll never get better if you just feel sorry for yourself. But it certainly helps that the staff were really lovely, went to find me my favourite biscuits after I passed out.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Lets Chat… Another A&E trip

  1. I hope you’re feeling somewhat better by the time you read this comment! It’s really lovely that you’re able to see the positive side of things, and even laugh at some of it! I think sometimes laughing can be the only way to get through horrible things. I hope to see your posts back in my reader soon, hopefully meaning you’re back on your way to being well 🙂


    1. Awh thank you so much. I am getting better, I am back home, but still on antibiotics and morphine. Need to rest up for the next few weeks now, so that leaves me plenty of time to work on the blog 🙂 I still have to finish my 31 days of blogging in January 🙂

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