Most Anticipated Thriller Releases of 2019

This is the final of my most anticipated book releases for the year posts, and I am super excited for all of these ones; lately I have been really, really enjoying my Thriller reads, even more so than my fantasy books for a little while. Thankfully I have already had the pleasure of getting my hands of a handful of these, and can say that I can not wait for everyone else to pick them up so we can chat about them.

The first one, and one that I have already read, is the truly amazing The Lost Man by Jane Harper. She is the author of the fabulous Dry and Force of Nature, and this one, although different, stands up to the excellence of both of these. All her novels are set in Australia which makes for a really cool and unique setting, If you are stuck indoors in the cold English weather, then I highly recommend picking this up when it comes out and transporting yourself into a much nicer, extreme climate. I am going to have my review up for this on the 4th of February as part of the blog tour. 40692028

Another, that I again am part of the blog tour for in February, is After the Eclipse by Francesca Dorricott. A thriller of abducted girls, all revolving around the event of a solar eclipse. I will be picking this up in the next couple of days and it looks like it will be a really good read that I just cant wait to get my hands on. 38329334

Next is the next Alice Blanchard books, Trace of Evil, which is due to be released at the end of the year. I adored her A Breath After Drowning book last year, it was one of my top books of the year, and I highly recommend it to any thriller lovers out there. The hope is that this will be just as good as her previous work as I have high expectations for this book.

Once again from an author I have read and loved this year, we have A Shroud of Leaves by Rebecca Alexander, another novel about archaeologist Sage. I loved A Babys Bones, and this is a follow on from that, so I can not think of a reason why I am not going to adore this book as well. This should be out mid Spring I believe from the lovely Titan Books. 42469516

So those are my most anticipated releases in the Thriller genre, I can not wait for these; although I have already had the honour of reading the Lost Man. Come February, you really should pick it up!

Are there any thriller releases that you are excited for this year? I would love to know which ones so I can pick them up.

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