Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

I have always struggled with having incredibly sensitive skin, regularly having reactions to products that I had previously found I was okay with. But thankfully I seem to of found some products that I don’t seem to react to which I use each day to ty and improve my skin.

However that being said, I have found one of my best tricks for not reacting to products is to switch it up everything now and again. So, my three facial products are the same constantly, but I have a range of moisturisers that I rotate around in order to keep my skin healthy but not have come out in reactions to products. Each of these I find are gentle to the skin, while also smelling and feeling absolutely gorgeous. Some are better for the Summer months when you want your legs out, while others are quicker at soaking in making them better to use with trousers, but none of them irritate my very sensitive skin.

The first part of my daily face care is to use a face wipe; my go to ones are the Simple Spotless Skin Quick Fix Cleansing Wipes. These are just so soft, and leave your skin feeling so refreshed. I have previously tried several of the Simple face wipes, but I have found some of them can be quite rough; these however aren’t and I find they do wonder for my spots and eczema. They are a touch more expensive than others but well worth it if you ask me. 169335

I then follow this by using the Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner. This just leaves my skin feeling so nice, fresh and just lovely and ready for the day. Generally I will do this both morning and night, but I find this sets me up for the day as I don’t wear makeup, I like to feel that my face is clean and well cared for. I got this on a deal from Ocado, so I actually managed to get hold of 6 months worth for just a £5, each bottle lasts about 2 months, so actually works out very cheap.

Then to finish off my face care routine I use the simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser. I have been using this for as long as I can remember, and that should be all I have to say about it. Its super quick for sinking in so doesn’t leave your skin feeling damp, and its not at all oily.

Now onto my selection of moisturisers; my most commonly used one is actually one I borrowed off my Nan once when my eczema got bad, and I have actually found it to be my absolute favourite. Its the Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Healing Lotion, you can pick it up almost anywhere, and it smells absolutely beautiful. Definitely I use this one almost every day, as it drys nice and quick, and is very good at keeping eczema or dry skin away. 083960

My other regular moisturiser is absolutely gorgeous for using in the Summer, especially if I’m going to have my legs out for whatever reason. The Happy Naturals Argan Oil and Sweet Orange Nourishing Body Butter. This is definitely the slightly more expensive option, but oh my is it gorgeous; almost good enough to eat. I got my first tub for my birthday a couple of years ago, and am still now only on my second tub; they really do last quite a long while making them worth the little bit extra money. 534435

Other options that I don’t use as often, but will grab if I get a voucher or they are on a deal, are any of the body butters from The BodyShop or Lush. I love both of these shops so much, but I don’t live close to either, and find that between that and the cost its just not worth my while. But every now and again I will treat myself to a nice one every now and again, if I go into Cambridge with my partner or something.

Generally my have to factors, are that they have to be super soft and sensitive on my skin, and ideally vegan. Although I do not follow a vegan diet, I do not see the need for animal products in skin care. So any suggestions you have that follow this, I would love to hear.

If you would like to hear more about skin care and other beauty related topics from me then please do let me know?


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