Mid Year University Update 2019

Its back round to that time of year where we are half way through the university year, meaning that I am mid way with my current module. This year, I am doing a introductory module on Childhood psychology, and first impressions are that I am absolutely loving it. However this module has not gone as planned so far. Mental Health

So I started this module the first time around last year, but I had to take a break as I was having issues because of having to go on strong pain medication; thankfully though I managed to bank my first two essay scores. This means that technically don’t start studying until this week; however I started at the same time as everyone else, wanting to complete the entire unit as normal. Mostly this was because I felt like I have little recollection of last year, so I wanted to start from scratch.

This was going very well, but as you may of picked up, the end of last year did not go to my plan. I had to drop everything for three weeks in order to support my partner in his time of ill health, this did set me back a bit. As always, I then followed by being ill myself, a number of chest infections, the development of pneumonia and then a kidney infection. Still now I am not doing too great, currently remain on antibiotics and even strong pain medication to normal.

Back to study, this means that I am much over a month behind schedule now, and still not in a position to get back to working on it. I am lucky to have a very supportive tutor, but I am not honestly sure how I am going to manage to get caught up.

That being said, I cant wait to pick my study book back up. I am determined that I will get back to it the moment I have my energy back, or at least have some focus. Then in October I will be picking up my next module, I will get this degree finished, I am certain of it.

Are any of you in university? Or studying at college? How are your courses going?

2 thoughts on “Mid Year University Update 2019

  1. Glad to hear things are back on track now! I’m halfway through my academic year at the moment, so I’ve just started a bunch of new modules. It’s early days but I think I’m going to enjoy them all. I’ve had 2/3 grades for the 3 modules I did last semester and I’m really happy with them! It’s a lot of work but I’m really enjoying university at the moment. We can do this! 🙂

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