Science Fiction Recommendations 2019

I have been loving doing my recommendation posts over the last few months so I thought I would jump in and do another one today. This time around I am going to be recommending to you my must read Science Fiction books. Although science fiction is not a genre that I read overly much, and its certainly not one that I count as a favourite, but these books are all amazing examples of the genre, and some even come close to being some of my favourite books.


The first book that I want to talk about, I have to recommend the entire series. The Sleeping Giant series by Sylvian Neuvel is a really quirky, futurist science fiction series, involving the discovery of giant robots and the journey of finding out where they have come from. This series is a really exciting page turner, telling the story from several different points of view and within multiple types of medium. You can read my review for one of the books here.

Another series like the Sleeping Giant series, told through various different types of media is the Illuminae files by Jay Kristoff and Aimee Kaufman. Although I am yet to read the final book in this series, the first two have certainly set the series up to be truly fantastic. These books are all set in outer space, across many different ships and colonies. One thing that both the first two books, and from what I hear, also the third, have in common, are they all have strong independent female lead characters. This is a young adult series, but one that I feel everyone could enjoy.

Also within the young adult category is possibly one of my favourite duologies that I have ever read. I saw that, I at least believe that it is only a duology- but I wont complain at more books. S.J Kincaid’s the Diabolic is an action packed political series. This follows a weapon, a modified girl, who is tasked with protecting her girl, and the events that follow after her girl is summoned by the Emperor. As things unveil they discover just how much the one thing she shouldn’t have, could be the thing to save them all, humanity. Any science fiction, or even fantasy fans will love this, I highly recommend it. My review for the Diabolic can be found here.

img_0987.jpgOn a slightly different note, my next recommendation is a twist on Christian fiction, Left Behind by Tim LaHaye. This book follows what happens after the disappearance of many people suddenly on a plane flight. It follows what those that are left behind have to deal with, and the strange events that follow. I don’t want to say too much about this, as its one of those books that I think is best to go into blind, and just enjoy what happens; I really need to get to the rest of the series really. The film with Nicholas Cage staring is also really worth a watch if you have the time, I do believe it is on Netflix.

The final book I want to recommend to you is one that I have the pleasure of reviewing before it came out, and that is Hold Back the Stars by Katie Khan. This is a young adult, science fiction romance. It looks at just what would you do and say, when you only have 90 minutes of air left, what would you regret, what would you wish you had said? Katie is absolutely lovely, and this was a book that for once had me in love with the romantic story. This is not like me as Im not the biggest fan of romance, but this one had full hold of my heart. You can read my review for it here. Katie now has new book out that I really do need to pick up, The Light Between Us.

So those are all the Science fiction books that I have to recommend to you, if you are a fan of the genre, then I think you will really love these. What science fiction books do you recommend? I could really use some new ones.


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