ABC Book Challenge- Letter A

Time for something a bit different, and I am really excited. This is the first in a quite a long blog series which will include one post a week for the near on future; we will be going through the alphabet, talking about some of my memorable books, as well as some on my TBR. But each week, they have to start with the letter of the week. I got this idea for this post from Kate over at Book Lover Kate, and you can see one of her entries for it here.

I know that some letters are going to be harder than others, but I would of thought that A would be easy, but typically I’ve drawn up blank.

Memorable Books I have read beginning with the Letter…

One of my favourite books of the year a couple of years ago just has to be mentioned in this, and that it Alice by Christina Henry, you can see the review here. A chilling, spooky new take on the events that occurred after Alice in Wonderland, this is a must read for any fairy tale and horror fans as it really is superb. 30196357

Then one of my most recent reads, After the Eclipse by Fran Dorricott is another fabulous book that earnt a four star rating from me. You can see the review here. This is a recent release, but is another book that any and all thriller fans just have to get their hands on. 42387344

Books on my TBR beginning with the Letter…

Coming out later on this year, in May I believe, is one of my most anticipated books Aurora Rising by Jay Kristoff and Aime Kaufman. I’m counting this as being on my TBR, as lets be honest, I already have it pre-ordered, so that counts. This is another Sci-fi book by this amazing duo, and it is bound to be amazing. 30075662

Then finally, my only graphic novel on this post, Adulthood is a Myth by Sarah Andersen is a quirky looking, funny graphic novel all about the truth of being an adult. Or at least what it feels like to be an adulthood. I have wanted to read this for ages, I just hate how expensive graphic novels always are. I would love to know your thoughts if you have read it. 25855506

So that’s it for letter A, check back next week for letter B, and feel free to jump on the idea and give it a go. Its a really fun post to write and definitely has gotten me in the moo to read.

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