ABC Book Challenge – Letter E

Time for another entry in my ABC book challenge series; if you are new here you can have a look at the first post I did for the series that explains it all and links to the blog that gave me inspiration. But otherwise, lets get started with the letter E.

Memorable Books I have read beginning with the Letter…

One of my recent reads just has to be included in this, and its one of the books that seems to of gotten me out of one of my worst ever reading slumps. That book is Everless by Sara Holland. A fantastic fantasy duology that I flew through in about a week, it is a must read for YA fantasy lovers. 35883046

Then, a historical fiction series that has stuck in my memory, Eagles at War by Ben Kane. I read these first two books back to back and then the final in the series in just one day! It is an amazing, gritty, emotional medieval historical fiction. And this isn’t even my favourite of Ben Kane’s work. 23527576

Books on my TBR beginning with the Letter…

Quite a recent release I believe, that I can not wait to get my hands on, Enchantee by Gita Trelease. This is a historical fiction based in Paris with fantastical elements, and its a Young Adult novel. I have definitely not read many young adult historical fiction books, but I feel like its something I would really love; even better with it having fantasy magical elements. 36613718

Finally, an absolute classic, The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan. If I’m honest, I don’t really know what this is about, but it is a high epic fantasy series, that is one of the all time originals. Been told in the past that its a staple read for any and all fantasy fans- that’s enough about it for me, as a big fantasy fan.228665

And that is it for another addition to the ABC book challenge series, make sure to check back next week for the letter F.

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