ABC Book Challenge- Letter B

Its time for round two of the ABC book challenge series, if you missed the first then you can catch up on what its about, where I got the idea and Letter A, here.

Now todays letter is B, so lets see what books come up this week.

Memorable Books I have read beginning with the Letter…

Last year saw a few very memorable books being read, some of which I have the great honour of reviewing on this blog. The first memorable book to mention is A Baby’s Bone by Rebecca Alexander, a super emotional historical thriller genre blend. You can read an extract for it here.38206728

Another thriller on this list is A Breath After Drowning by Alice Blanchard, a chilling who did it, following a psychiatrist having to face her demons to work out who was behind her sisters murder years before. This book really did envelope me into its hold, and I loved the entirety of this book, I need more by Alice Blanchard!! You can read my review here.


Books on my TBR beginning with the Letter…

First book that comes to mind is one that I have had on my shelf for a very long time now. I believe I brought it on a Christmas shopping trip a few years ago, and that book is Burial Rites by Hannah Kent. Still I know little about this, but I think that its about a woman’s experience on death row. 17333319

Finally a book that I got in a FairyLoot box and have been dying to read, Beyond a Darkened Shore by Jessica Leake. All I know about this is that it is a young adult fantasy, but it has had some very mixed reviews from what I have seen. Have you read it? What were your thoughts? 32295486

That’s it for Letter B, join next week for Letter C. You should give this series a go, send me the link if you have.

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