The Behind The Blogger Tag…

Wow it seems like so long since I’ve done a tag post, but now its looking like I will have a few coming for you in the next few weeks. This is a pretty exciting one as you will get an insight into me, myself and I. Not sure whether I’ve done this one before, but even if I have it has been a while, so worth doing it again..


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So lets get started…

Why Did You Start Blogging? & Why Have You Kept Blogging?

I started blogging initially because I was intrigued. I had read blogs for a while, and being home ill the majority of the time I thought it was a good idea of something to do to keep me busy- plus I had always loved writing. It has since continued as I just love to talk about things I am passionate about, hence why it is mostly books I talk about on my blog. It keeps me focused and feeling some what productive in my time at home, as there is a lot of it.

What Is Your Favorite Type of Blog Post to Write?

By my favourite blog posts to write are my TBR’s. I love getting to sit and look through my books deciding what it is that I want to read each month. I also enjoy my chatty posts about all sorts of different things. I find it very reliving to just write down all my thoughts sometimes.

What Are Your Top Three Favorite Blog Posts You Wrote?

The Many Adventures of our Houdini, Tigger…

Thoughts at the start of our Trying to Conceive journey….

Having a Chronic Illness and being in a relationship..

Not sure they are my favourite, but they are some of my favourites..

What Are Some of Your Favorite Things to Do to Relax?

Well the obvious one is reading! I find it to be one of the most relaxing things. Other than that I also love having long baths, and also will spend time with the animals if I need to relax, nothing better than fur baby snuggles- big or small.


What Are Three of Your Favorite Things?

Coffee, Sims and Books… But there is so much more that I just could not live without. The list would go on…

What Are Your Proudest Blogging Moments?

This is really tough for me, as I’m not too sure I have a moment. I have not been as consistent with my blog over the years as I would liked. But one thing that wouldn’t of happened without my blog, is the first time I received a book from a publisher from the lovely Titan. I plan to really start working on the blog this year and hopefully start hitting some milestones that I can be proud of!

I actually have very little confidence in my blog, I do it for my own enjoyment as I adore writing, and love to just talk about all the things I love. I don’t plan on it ever getting too big, as I just enjoy it.

What Are Your Hobbies Outside of Blogging?

Reading really has to be my favourite thing. But my other recent hobby- sorry addiction- is Sims 4! I have literally been up until 2 am the last week playing! But I also love baking and cooking, I just find it really cool to take new recipes and adjust it to make it perfect for us.

Describe Your Personality in Three Words

Ummm…. Indecisive, Introverted, Creative… That’s such a hard question!

What Are Your Top Three Pet Peeves?

Ooo… I have so many! First has got to be lack of manners, people not picking up after their doggos, and anything Christmasy before December!

What’s Something Your Followers Don’t Know About You?

I used to be really into horse riding, I used to compete within Show Jumping, and was actually pretty decent at it. I had to stop because of my health issues, and just couldn’t keep up with it due to pain and fatigue levels. However I have every intention to get back to it in the future!

So that is every thing, I forgot how much I love doing tag posts.

Now I know I am meant to nominate five or more other bloggers to participate, but I am nominating everyone. If you see this and want to participate then go for it. Feel free to comment down below and I can edit and nominate you! Though I am going to specifically nominate Aimee over at aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk. So be sure to check out her blog!schizo

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