The start of my weight challenge..

This is going to be a monthly post going live in the first week of the month; partly for me to track my progress but also to broadcast the highs and lows of the challenge of weight lose…

Little bit of history; I was always under weight as a child- not on purpose, just could never put on weight- and at my smallest I was 6stone 6pounds. That was a horrible time as I generally never had energy. Alex-HorseridinggearBut I tackled it, learning how to put on weight, eating a lot of protein and carbs! (Happy Days!!) BUT after my schizophrenia out break last year, I was wacked on some very strong anti-psychotics and piled on 4stone in 2 months! Now that things are more stable, I have decided it is time to lose the weight again.

Just before my down turn, I’d managed to get my weight up to 8stone, leaving only 7pounds until I hit my optimum weight.. So that is my goal weight- 8Stone, 7Pounds. I have set myself the target of getting to that by next christmas, 2017.IMG_0089

First weigh-in was on Tuesday, giving me a starting weight of 12stone4. And already I have seen where I have been eating wrongly.

I’m going to post healthy recipes I’ve tried and tested, any tricks that I find help, as well as a little update on my progress and how I’m finding it.

Photos: Top- before the weight gain… Bottom- after the gain

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