Latest Favourites- October&November edition

I’ve done a couple of favourite posts now, and just felt like doing another; I may even start doing it as a regular part of the blog, what do you think? So this is going to be a rare time where books and reading only shortly gets mentioned, so yay to that- I think, I’m not sure, I like books!!So I really have to start by mentioning that I am now fully out of my reading slump, and am eating up all the YA fantasy that has been sitting on my shelf for a little while now. While writing this, I have just started Leigh Bardugo’s Shadow and Bone, and absolutely loving it so far. That’s it about books, I promise!

Games!! I’ve all of a sudden become a little bit of a gamer. I know, its odd, its not something I’ve ever overly been big into. My boyfriend brought Assassins Creed Origins the day of release and I think I’ve possibly played it more than him so far; its just awesome! I managed to convince my Dad today that we needed a Xbox for the house, and that came with Origins, so I can now play whenever I want, double yay!

You could say that Assassins Creed is a respectable game to be spending a lot of time playing, the other game I have been addicted to is a little bit less so. I have non stop been playing on Farm Ville 2 on my phone. Seriously I mean non stop, I have literally been awake till 4am playing it as I want to win and level up constantly. Honestly, I would say that it is very possibly a problem now.

For once, I’ve been watching TV as well; this is really unlike me, normally I just don’t get interested in watching TV. Me and my Dad have finally caught up on the Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. I’ve been loving both of these, but probably more so Flash. To be honest, I think I actually prefer binge watching series; like what is with this whole having to wait a week for the next episode this. Yeah I just don’t like it, I may go back to binge watching once the seasons have finished. Please let me know of any recommendations for things to binge watch on Netflix.

I’m not sure if I’ve done this in the last favourite videos but I want to mention the to Booktubers than I’ve been binge watching to catch up on lately. Unfortunately they are both reasonably big booktubers already, but even so they deserve the recognition for the work they do as they are both amazing! The first is Zoe Herdt over at readbyzoe. I used to be so up to date with her videos but had fallen seriously behind, but not anymore! She really can make me laugh at the simplest things, despite reading very different books to me. The second is Hailey over at Hailey in Bookland. I’m currently in the process of working through all her reading vlogs, that are proving to be fantastic videos to watch while I write my blog posts. I take a lot of my book recommendations from her.

Finally, I could not write this blog post without mentioning COSTA!! I have seriously got a problem, like my bank account physically hates me currently. Since the Christmas costa selection came out the other week, I have had a Salted Caramel Cappuccino each and every day. Honestly, every day, no joke. Though me saying its a problem, I have no plans on stopping it from happening.

So that’s all that I have been enjoying lately, I will probably do another of these posts in the new year as I actually quite enjoy writing them and feel that they are a nice addition to the blog. Please let me know if you have any other posts you’d like to see on the blog and I will try to get around to them.

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