Minimoji Diary Days 5-8

Well the first half of this readathon went just so well, I don’t think it could of gone much better really; here is to hoping the second half goes just as well. Although I do have a lot more to do this half with a university assignment to do, and have my Nan over, though I’m hopefully. But with it being Tuesday when I’m only just getting round to doing this then I think its a sign of it not going well.Day 5

So as I said, its actually Day 6 (Tuesday) when I’m getting round to writing this. The early morning went pretty well, taking part in a few sprints I got through a further 42 pages of Hunted by Meagan Spooner.

Though most of yesterday did not go well, I felt like I just didn’t want to read my current read but was also not certain about my decision to put it down. Not helped by not feeling particularly well. So it took until about 9pm before I even picked up my book, after a lot of contemplating switching books- that I decided against in the end. However even once
I started reading I didn’t manage to read solidly for all that long as I had to sort out my Doggy as she wasn’t having a good night. But I did manage to get to page 150, putting me at a total of 107 pages read yesterday.

Day 6 

Well Day 6,  has been worse that day 5 so far, its currently just past 8pm, and I have not touched my book. I’ve felt a lot worse today, so have just caught up on White Princess, and attempted to nap, but that’s about all I’ve managed today. I had been hoping to finish my book today, but now looking like I will not be doing that. Just hoping that after finishing watching Kronks New Groove (yes, I’m a child), that I still have some energy for at least a couple of chapters of my book.

So I did pick up my book again in the end and managed to read a further 47 pages getting to page 197. Making todays page total just 47 pages. Not exactly good for a readathon, but fingers crossed I can pull it back in the next couple of days.

Day 7

Oh dear, this just seems to be going so badly this half, once again, it is half 3 in the afternoon and I have not touched my book. Feeling very rough today and just want to be a zombie and sleep. I’ve decided that my goal for the next two days now is just to finish Hunted, this seems do-able, if I can just get the motivation to read again.

Hmm, so this was yet another unsuccessful day. I did finally manage to pick up my book come the evening, but I only read about a chapter. So that leaves day 7 at a total of 15 pages; yes you read that right, I’m failing the second half of this readathon.

Day 8

I’m feeling like the last four days are having a pattern to them, so once again its 5pm before I’m sitting to write an update, and I once again have not touched my book. Think I’m officially decided that its the books fault and that its just not got me in its grasp enough for me to constantly want to go back to it. Yet, Hunted, is a book that I should love- Beauty and the Beast retelling, it should be right up my alley. Think my plan is to go to bed early but then stay up until midnight to try and get it finished; not sure its possible with 152 pages left. Though saying that, that should only be just over 3 hours reading for me so maybe it is possible? I’ll let you know.

Right so its now the first of December, and I did not manage to finish Hunted; though I did manage to read a further 55 pages. The second half of this readathon has really not gone well but I’m still proud for managed to read two and a half books which is good for me. Hopefully I can do another readathon this month!!

How did you do?

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