Meet my Disney Princesses

Okay, so the title may seem a little bit odd, but it will all make sense in just a short bit; I recently asked on Twitter whether you’d be interested in me doing a post introducing my new fur babies and explaining why I got them, and the answer I got was YES. So here we go, prepare for a sad story but extreme cuteness. As is widely known, I’ve had Gerbils for a while now, as well as my dog so trips to Pets at Home are a fairly regular occurrence, and I just can not help but have to go and look at all the cute little animals while I’m there. Well my store has an adoption part where they have animals that either haven’t been able to be sold or have been rescued from homes unable to look after them. This is where I found my girlies.

Three, rather unhappy looking, highly scarred and pretty small little Degus needed a new home. I’ve wanted Degus for a few years as they are meant to be really fun and friendly little pets, so they really sparked my interest. I couldn’t help myself, and had to know more about them, but when I asked I found out just how bad a life they had previously had.

For the first two years of their lives they had been store in a small cage, with 10 other degus of picked gender. The conditions they were kept in was deemed unacceptable, and they were then removed, the group being split up to stop fighting; though these three sisters were found to be friendly towards each other so were kept together when put up for adoption.

To make it worse, I then found out that they had been up for adoption for quite a while and were going to be put down in a couple of weeks if did not find a home in the mean time.

So that was all I needed to know, I took then as my own. Much to my dads shock as he was away when I adopted then, so we had new pets when he got back.

Right so onto the cuteness and introductions.

Lets go in size order, starting with my little bubba, Ariel. By far the smallest, and possibly had the hardest past, my little girlie is missing the majority of her tail and also half her ear, with a scar right under her eye. Not the biggest fan of being handled, although loves to sit by the open cage door and chatter away to anyone who will listen to her. An attention seeker if ever there was one, and a quick learner when it comes to chewing the bars to get us to talk to her. She is probably the loveliest little girlie and is just so pretty.

Then we have the little introvert that is Mulan. Probably the most social with humans although the biggest hater of being held. She also loves being talked to, and will sit for ages for you to scratch her head. Weirdly enough this little lady started off as the dominant one of the three, but after a scary couple of days where she was really off colour she is now very much an introvert. Thankfully she still cuddles up with the other two at night so nothing to worry about, but she does just keep to herself and humans during the day. This poor little lady has nimg_0288asty scars on both her front paws, and has lost the fluffy tuft at the end of her tail. She is also by far the darker one of the three, and just super cute.

Finally we have my baby Belle. My tough little cuddler, she is the only one of the three that loves to be held and be cuddled- especially if you are wearing fluffy jumpers. Although still not that big in degu terms, Belle is by far the biggest of the three, yet she is just a big softy! She is never the one involved in their little arguments, and very often is just laying in her hammock or running full pelt in her wheel. I think she has always been like this as she has got away from her past with just one scar on her front paw.

These three little bubbas are just so cute and special, and I’m just so glad that they are so much happier, healthier and just generally seem to be enjoying their life and the people they have looking after them after just 4 months.

So that’s my little Disney Princesses history and a brief introduction, I could happily keep going on about them for a very long time, but I will save you from me going on from too long. Instead I think I’m going to be doing little updates about them every now and again.

4 thoughts on “Meet my Disney Princesses

    1. They are just gorgeous, hoping to feature them in a few more blog posts over the next year 😀 especially as my Mulan is so photogenic, half the photos I have of them are just of her posing xx


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