Life Goals 2018

I’m not too sure if I did this last year, but I know that I always think about what I want to achieve with my reading, but with the year I’ve had, I really think that it would be good for me to set myself some aims of what I want to achieve in my life during 2018. With my health conditions, its really quite hard to for me to predict what will happen in the next month let alone the year, but I think for the sake of my mental health, I need some clear cut goals. So here we go. img_0341-3Right so as I said there is a chance that life will once again do a 360 and I’ll end up in a completely different place to how I see it currently. This year has proven that with my diagnoses of ME and Fibromyalgia, having to move, and my anxiety going through the worst flare up in many years; not to mention losing my doggy and going through a break up.

Positivity time; I really want to get myself into a good little workout routine. I’ve been told that this will help with my fibro, as well as helping with weight lose and getting my body back to how I want it to be. So my plan is, to start doing Yoga twice a week, and then go swimming or aquafit, as well as just trying to go for a walk every day. Written down, this seems like a lot, but my normal lifestyle is pretty much just stuck sitting down, so I’d love to do a little bit of exercise each and every day.

I’ve been studying with the Open University for three years now, but have actually not finish my full first year. I’m currently, although behind, studying a module that will complete my first year for me. So I would really love to get my butt into gear, catch up, and ace this unit. Or you know, just pass would be great. Back to a subject I adore, I’m loving this module, so I will be mad with myself if I let myself fall too far behind that I have to put it off for another year.

This one is slightly odd, but as I moved earlier this year, I know very little people that live near me. Generally its alright, but it would be nice to have someone to go for walks with, or just to grab a cuppa. Currently still don’t know how you go about meeting people at 21, but I’m sure as anything going to try to make some new friends.

Finally, I used to do a lot of volunteer work, but had to stop when I tried to take on paid work which just resulted in making me more ill. Since moving I have noticed that there are quite a few volunteer places around here, from charity shops to animal shelters, and I’d love to get back to giving something back. I should have some choice.

I have a feeling that 2018 has the possibility to be a great year for me. Although my mental health is struggling at the moment, I’m actually very positive about moving forward and making the most of my life in the new town and working on recovery.

What are your aims for the new year?


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