2018 Recap and Goal Review

Well 2018 has been a bit of a rollercoaster but the overall feeling from it is definitely positive. Yet another house move, more injuries, and lots of being ill; but I have met some amazing people, got my new best friend, and generally got my life back on track.schizo

2018 has been a year of moving forward, with many different aspects of my life. If you have ever experienced life with disability then you will know that to some degree any movement forward always goes hand and hand with an element of pause and shift backwards; its never as straight forward as just moving ahead with the situation as there will always be a new thing come about that causes you step back. But that being said, I have had such an amazing year on the whole, met one of the most wonderful people I have ever met and gotten to start building a life with him, I adopted my new best friend and crazy little helper, and finally I can see a future that I want to experience.So as for my goals for the year and how I did with them, you can read the post where I outlined them here. Well overall I would say I probably completely and utterly flopped with almost all of them. The only goal that I feel that I even got close to achieving was getting myself out there and meeting new people. Okay, so I may not overly of gotten myself out there, and I may not of met that many new people; but I have met a new man, and am building what is looking to be a very exciting future. Along with that, Ive met a lot of people through him, I have made friends, family, and just a generally lovely bunch of people.

My goal to increase my level of activity this year has been very hit and miss. At times, I have been really succeeding with it, but on the whole I would say I failed. This year has been a rough one in terms of disability especially in the aspect of my mobility, which left me unable to walk and often wheelchair bound for the best part 6 months. That being said, during that time was when I became the most focused on really wanting to get my yoga routine sorted. You can read about that in this previous post.

Like wise with my University, its been one rocky year. I ended up stopping my module that I was working on at the time of my goals post last year, but I have since picked it back up. It started off so well, I had a really nice proper routine in place where I was getting all the work done and the extra that I like to do. But since about December this has completely flopped and I am now sitting at about 5 weeks behind. I actually really miss studying and I do want to do it, but as you would of noticed last year with the blog, I am just struggling to find productive hours in a day around all I need to do for my health.

Lastly, and easily my biggest fail of the year, is with wanting to get back to volunteering. With all the ups and downs with my health this year, and then with yet another house move, I never even got around to looking for a volunteer work position. To be fair, I don’t think my lifestyle with dealing with severe pain, fatigue and my drop falls, would actually allow for it now; hopefully in the future I will get the opportunities again.

This year has really proved to me that you can have the worst of years in terms of achieving what you wanted to achieve, but it can still be an overall positive year. I have loved so many experiences, and opportunities that I have had this year, and there is nothing I would change as it wouldn’t then put me in the position I’m in now, planning my future.

How was your 2018? Did you achieve everything you wanted to?



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