Most anticipated releases 2018

This is one of my favourite posts to write as I get to look into all the many books that I want to get in the new year; many of which I realise I don’t want to have to wait for. Have to admit this year there isn’t many debuts that I’m overly excited for, but I’ve got a lot of new things from some of my favourite authors to be looking forward to. I have a feeling that there will be a lot of very good new books to read in 2018.Guess it will be best to start with a quick list of the books that anyone who knows me will know that I am longing to get my hands on.

So one of the most obvious is going to be the start of the new Ben Kane series, cant say I know if its going to be a series or another trilogy but either way. The Rising Tide is based in the third century and is based around when the Romans started to look at invading Greece. I love all of Ben Kane’s novels that I’ve read, and I highly anticipate that I will love this one as well.

This next one, I’m looking forward to as I do all of her novels, although it is my least favourite of her series and that is Dark Tracks by Philippa Gregory. Her Order of Darkness series is one that’s always sat a touch uneasy with me, I actually still have the third one to read. Its just always felt odd, like there is trying to be a magical realism aspect, but then also not. But as its a Philippa Gregory novel, you know I’ll be getting a copy.

While we are on a historical run, I’ll go with the other obvious one, and that’s the third in the Six Tudor Queens series, The Haunted Queen by Alison Weir. I’m a touch behind on this series currently, as only half way through the second book, but even so I am adoring each and every page of it. Based on Jane Seymour, I have a feeling that this will be my favourite one yet.

Right so just quickly, I have a couple that are continuing from some of my current favourite series. Probably the most exciting for me currently having just finished the second book, is the third book in the Diabolic series by SJ Kincaid. It currently hasn’t got a name, but is said to be coming out in the Autumn!

Only Human by Sylvain Neuvel is the next on another of my favourite series of the year, Themis Files. This sci-fi series is written in a varied way, and is just so unexpected and full of twists and turns. I’m just longing for the next one!!

I’m hoping and praying that the next book in the Empire of Salt series by CF Iggulden gets released soon. This is easily on par with the Diabolic sequel, and just want to be published now.

So finally, on to the only debut that I have for this list is another fantasy (I am in a right fantasy mood as I write this) and one with a rather new and unique concept. The Diminished by Kaitlyn Sage Patterson, comes out April 10th 2018, and I think is one that many are looking forward to. Where almost everyone is born as twins, this follows two that are different, a single born and a diminished. It looks like a really fascinating story of outcasts and those that are not the norm. 

So that’s probably the top of my most anticipate list. I might do some posts each season with the most anticipated for each quarter, but  this is the top of the conjoined list.

What books are you most looking forward to in the new year?

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