Favourites, Christmas Edition

Yay, its Christmas! I adore Christmas, all the decorations and sparkle, plus getting to see all the family and catching up with good friends. There is just something about Christmas that I feel that you can just spoil those you love and treat yourself to the things you normally wouldn’t. And that is just what I have been doing, I have a pile of pressies for my family, and I’ve been treating myself to some of the gorgeous Christmassy special things.As always, I’ll start with the one that anyone who knows me well will know about, and that’s got to be Costa Coffee. I mentioned in my last favourite post that I had been having a lot of the Salted Caramel Cappuccino, and I do still adore those. But the other day, I fancied something a little bit different, so I got one of the Honeycomb Lattes to try, but without the cream. It was gorgeous, its easily one of my favourites now, definitely in competition with the salted caramel.

I love almost all Yankee Candles, I actually have a storage box in my quiet room full of Yankee Candles. But as it was getting into the Christmas time I felt that I needed to get a new one just for Christmas. I chose the very gorgeous, very festive, red Christmas Eve candle. I’ve been burning it all month and it is just gorgeous! As with all Yankees it feels the whole room with its beautiful scent, while not being overwhelming; and generally I find it burns pretty evenly making the most out of the candle. Highly recommend the Christmas Eve candle as well as Yankee in general.

This is more just a general Christmas favourite of each year rather than a specific to this year, but I still feel its worth a mention; and that is my favourite Christmas movies. Now these are both rather common, but even so, they are really amazing; and they are Elf and The Grinch. I think these have been my favourite Christmas movies ever since I was a child; just shows how little I have changed. I’ve even read the Grinch book this year. 100% recommend both of these movies for everyone, not just children!

Christmas Krispy Kremes! I didn’t know that these were a thing until this year, and yet by doing the Christmas ones, they have brought back my favourite flavour. I have always adored the caramel glazed ring doughnut, and this year that’s their Rudolph doughnut!! These are just so simple but so goddamn delicious. I’m seeing why Christmas is the season to eat all the calories, as there is just so many gorgeous special foods.

Now I’m never a big fan of Christmas music, and I’m not completely sure that I would listen to this if it wasn’t for the fact I am loving the festive season. My favourite artist, Sia, has just gone and released a Christmas album, and it is actually rather awesome. I’ve been listening to it on Deezer quite often as its just perfectly Christmassy, while also having everything I love about Sia in it. We’ll see if I turn into one of those people that listens to a Christmas album after Christmas.

So that’s just a few of the Christmassy things that I am loving currently. Is there anything Christmas special that you are enjoying currently?

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