Another move, another nightmare…

So moving is said to be one the hardest things to do in life, and in the two times in my memorable life it has been a bit of a disaster. Although I moved for the first time when I was very young, I have none but sketchy memories; but in the past two years, or really less than a year and a half, I have had to move twice. I use the word ‘had’ as neither time did we have much or a choice.

I’ve written about both of my moves previously, as you can see here, and here. If you’ve read these posts you will pick up the fact that neither of these moves have been smooth, or very well planned to be honest; now here is the second half of what happened during this latest move. DSC_0201

Firstly it might be worth noting that I did something highly stupid the night before this move; I managed to fall down the stairs. On my Twitter you will of noticed that I have mentioned this several times, as it has left me wheelchair bound, or needing the crutches at the very least for the past 2 months. Just to quickly note, this was in no way done on purpose, and am being investigated medically to work out why it happened.

With this having happened on the Thursday night, we moved on the Friday morning. As you can imagine with an eventful evening we didn’t manage to get everything we wanted done. Several cupboards were left unpacked, and none of the furniture had been dismantled ready for being loaded into the moving lorry. Thankfully we had my partner as well as my Nan staying the night so it was all hands on deck in the morning, throwing the last of the bits in boxes, finding things that could be used as boxes when we ran out, and then making furniture easier to move, and highly importantly clean.  DSC_0196

I think we would of been done no trouble if I hadn’t been out of action, and my partner Ash hadn’t had to run off to go to work. Oh and did I mention that the moving men were USELESS! Rude, messy and generally inconsiderate doesn’t even touch on it. It got to a point that I was worried what they would do if Barney got under their feet or in their way, so I ended up sitting with him on his long line, that way I had full control.

As if that wasn’t enough, we found out on the Thursday afternoon that we had been refused the house because of our references. If you’d read about the events that lead up to this move you will know that there has been endless issues, miscommunications and general stupidity. I will probably write a post specifically all about the issues that have continued with our old landlord so again, I wont go too into it right now. But lets just say that once again, we were given the short end of the stick, stuck between two people argument.

Anyway, we sorted it out so that we did get the house, and lets just say that this was fully down to my Uncle. Only problem was, it meant that instead of getting into the new house at 9am, we didn’t get in until 4.30pm. If you’ve ever moved, then you will know that this is a nightmare! You only have the moving people for a specific amount of time, and ours was only until 5. Ultimately this meant that we had to pay to get a very large storage lock up (costing about £350 a month), and put pretty much all of our belongings into it. That included all 500+ of my books. DSC_0232
I guess I should be thankfully that we did manage to get all three of our beds here, and at least four of our five sofas. Sadly though, that was about it in terms of the furniture. Once again, my Uncle was the life saver along with my cousin, who came over with their van to help move the last of the stuff, which included both of the animal cages, and most of the things we need for day to day care of the pets.

This went on to the Saturday, but I was again out of action having to sit in A&E to try and work out if Id done any damage during the fall. But we had the full team working on finishing the move, cleaning the house and getting the new house somewhere near to set up. I really can not thank my Nan, Uncle, partner and my Dads partner enough with all the help that they gave us that weekend to make it somewhere bearable.

As if none of that was enough, those terrible moving men that I mentioned, managed to ‘lose’ my xbox along with all of its games, controllers and accessories, plus my Dads high tech multi room speakers.

You have probably got the idea by now, that this was not a very good move, and I am sure that it still causing me and my father stress. There is still a legal issue going on with the old landlord, we still have loads of stuff in storage that we need a bigger van to move, and some highly frustrating issues within the new house including no hot water for about 3 weeks.

I will give you more updates as things progress, and also planning a tour of my rooms once I have them all finished up.

Have you ever had to move? What was your experiences?


5 thoughts on “Another move, another nightmare…

  1. Moving takes a lot of energy – I can totally understand all of the mixed feelings coming from it. I’m sorry to hear that you fell down the stairs. Hopefully, you’ll make a complete recovery in no time. Ugh, I hate it when moving people are useless. Why do they even bother?! Hopefully things will go smoothly going forward.

    Nancy ♥

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