Hello January, Hello 2019…

Wow, its that time again, its been another whole year and its been one hell of a ride. This year has been full of ups and downs, twists and turns, euphoric highs and rollercoaster falls; but its certainly been worth it.

So to kick off this new year, I am filling this entire month of January with a new blog post each and every day– (well at least, that’s the aim). If you have followed me for a little while then you will know that I have not always stuck to my blogging plans this year, and its been a very hit and miss year for the consistency of blogging. I have determination this year though that I will achieve all 31 posts for this month.

Now that’s where its over to you.. I still have many spaces left for ideas for what you would like to see from me. It can be anything, books, health, lifestyle, tags; I am an open book, excited to hear what you would like to see on the blog this month.

I will try my best to keep up with all the ideas, and if I don’t get round to them this month then don’t worry, I will get round to them in the following months.

Well that’s it for day one, short but sweet. Happy New Year, I hope you had fun seeing off the end of 2018 however you celebrated.

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