Best Memories of 2018

Right up to about 5 minutes ago, I was contemplating whether or not to actually right this. 2018 was a year of many ups and downs, full of strengthening my relationship with my amazing partner, to a very rocky ride with others; but I’m glad to say that the year has ended with things looking up. Sadly though, I did say goodbye to two of my cuddly babies, and I would say best friends, Drip and Digger. But less about that, as this is all about the positive.

One of the biggest positives of this year for me, has been getting to know the wonderful man that I have the pleasure to call my partner. He is so supportive, attentive, and over all caring, I would truly be lost with out him now; Im not one to rely on others, but he is such a big part of my life now, he helps me through my darkest times. DSC_0200
We have made several trips to Clacton and a beautiful holiday to Beccles in Norfolk, as well as many many day trips in Cambridge, Hertfordshire, and Bedfordshire. Probably too many of those turned out to be trips to the zoo, but I wouldn’t change a thing. img_0810

Another fabulous part of this past year, has been adopting my beautiful Barney. I mentioned him in my Cute and Cuddlys update, but he is truly proving to be a huge part of my life. I will never replace the dogs from my childhood, but Barney gives me company in a way only dogs can, you never have to be alone with a dog around. I cant wait to see what adventures we get up to in this new coming year.DSC_0234

My Dad started my year off amazingly, by taking me to the O2 to see the Script! Now, concerts are always rather hard for me due to my mobility issues, but we found a way, and found that the O2 actually have really useful systems in place in order to help those that struggle with their mobility. You can read all about that here.

You are probably picking up a bit of a theme here. I could write 1000s upon 1000’s of stories about the things me and my partner have gotten up to this year, but I will try to not bore you with the details. But I do just have to tell the funny story of when he very kindly tried to restart up my car after I managed to kill my battery. I’ll cut the story short, my battery was destroyed, so even jump starting it was a bit hit and miss. But we got it jumped from his car, so then went to take it for a drive to get some fuel, for me to then stall it about 30 metres away, down a slope. He then had to push it back up the hill, and jump it again. In the end, he just went and brought me a new battery, got to love a man who will look after your car as well as you. DSC_0205

I feel like the only way to complete this post would be to mention us spending the anniversary of our first date, sitting in the major unit at Addenbrokes hospital. Only a spoonie will understand the feeling of having a full romantic day planned, doing every thing we had said we wanted to, for me to wake up not feeling very well and quickly realising that something was not right with my heart and lungs. So we spent the majority of our day chilling in a hospital cubicle while I was tested on. Little did we know that I would end up with Pneumonia.

So that’s it, they are the key highlights of my year. I don’t think I would actually change a single thing about the year in the slightest. Dear has it had its lows, but they only make the highs seem even more special. How was your 2018?


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