Most Anticipated Games

Now this one is a bit different to my most anticipated book releases as not all of these will be coming out this year; some have been out for a while, but they are the ones that I can not wait to my hands on this year whether I get gifted them from family or save the money to treat myself. You may not know that I am much of a gamer, but I have been getting into it more and more, plus my partner is a pretty big gamer so its something we enjoy.

Assassins Creed is my big weakness, I absolutely love these games. Dad got me the new Odyssey game for Christmas which may just be the best one I have played so far. I love how much more open this one is, you have to stumble across the quests and explore the worlds; its just so much more immersive. With being ill I haven’t been feeling up to spending some real time on it for the last few weeks, but I really can not wait. Hopefully in this next week of resting I will get more time to sit and play.

I will most likely treat myself to another Assassins Creed game at some point mid year time; I would love your recommendations as to which one you think I should get? I already have Odyssey, Origins, and have completed Syndicate, would love to hear your thoughts. Currently I play on an Xbox One so ideally would like it to be on that platform.

My other gaming love is The Sims. Since I was a little child I have been playing the original Sims, and played each one since until now I have the Sims 4. I got it in 2017 but didn’t manage to play too much since then, but with Sims 4 Get Famous coming out this year, I will definitely have to get it and get back into it. Have to admit, I was very unsure about getting Sims 4 on the Xbox as I no longer have a gaming computer and it did turn out to be better than I though. However for some reason it just was not the same, I have not found myself getting as into it as I used to with the PC versions. I think it may be because I would play it on my laptop while watching films previously. I currently don’t have any of the add ons, so please let me know which ones you would recommend I invest in?

The final game that I am truly hoping that I get for my birthday this year is the Lego Harry Potter Xbox One games. I used to play these years ago on the old Play Station and up until very recently I believed that they were not available on the Xbox. It was only when me and my partner were looking through the second hand games just after Christmas that I spotted that they have now been remastered for the Xbox. I am so excited, I really do want to pick these games up again, they pretty much were my whole childhood.

So those are the games that I am really looking forward to getting engrossed and obsessed over in 2019. I am so excited for all of these, but I would also love to hear your recommendations?

My partner has said I should try out Red Dead Redemption as he adores that game, so think I will be giving it a go, but any other suggestions are highly appreciated.

What games are you looking forward to playing this year?

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