January Wrap Up & Feb TBR ’19

So January may not of been my best month for reading ever, however with the reading slump I have currently been in, it was certainly a pretty decent month. You can read here what I had been hoping to read, and although I didn’t manage it all, I’m still happy with what I did read.

I completed two books, both of which I loved, a four star and a five star read, so I really cant complain.

The first book was The Lost Man by Jane Harper, her third novel, however this one is a stand alone. It is another masterpiece of thriller mystery writing. Harper is quickly becoming a favourite of mine, and I truly can not wait for her fourth novel.

The other book I read in January was Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik. A magical fairy tale retelling this book is an amazing piece of fantasy; its left me in the mood to dive into more fantasy novels, including a reread of Naomi Novik’s previous novel. This was an easy five star read for me. img_1091

Now I have very high hopes for my reading in February. I think I am going to set my target at three books plus my twitter poll book, but ultimately we will see how the month goes.

That being said the first book I will and am currently reading is After the Eclipse by Fran Dorricott. A psychological thriller about two girls who both disappear at the time of an eclipse. I will be reviewing this 27th of February as part of the blog tour, but I will give you a sneak peak now, and say that a third of the way through and I am loving it. 38329334

Next book that I want to read so that I can see what all the hype is about is Cruel Prince. I had heard such mixed views of this book when it first came out, but the hype  has been back with the release of the Wicked King, and I feel like it might be something I will like. So I will be picking up this fantasy book hopefully this month.

The final book on my initial TBR this month is The Migration by Helen Marshall. I only know a little about this book, and that is that it is a horror-ish, catastrophe book set in England. This alone is enough for me to want to read it, its the sort of book that is right up my street. 42607151

Well that just leaves us with the twitter poll books for the month. As I didn’t manage to get around to the poll winner this month, I am going to include it again in this months poll, and hopefully I’ll actually get to the winner this month- but who really knows. So the options are; Clash of Empires by Ben Kane, City of Brass by S.A Chakraborty and Truthwitch by Susan Dennard. The poll will be up shortly for you to have your say.

What are you reading this month?



The Lost Man by Jane Harper

The first blog tour of the year is always an exciting one, and its made even better when its a book that you found yourself absolutely adoring. The Lost Man by Jane Harper was exactly like that. I have had the pleasure of being a part of the blog tours for both of Jane Harper’s other books, and I must admit, this one was even better than the ones previous to this.40692028

They are at the stockman’s grave, a landmark so old, no one can remember who is buried there. But today, the scant shadow it casts was the last hope for their middle brother, Cameron. The Bright family’s quiet existence is thrown into grief and anguish. Something had been troubling Cameron. Did he lose hope and walk to his death? Because if he didn’t, the isolation of the outback leaves few suspects…

In many ways this book was a family saga, the coming together of a family in their joint grief. I couldn’t help but make heart felt connections with the majority of these characters, my heart went out to them in their time of grief. I have lost people and I know it can tear a family apart before it can also bring the family together. Jane Harper portrayed this perfectly in this novel through the eyes of oldest brother, Nathan, but in such a way that you felt the pain of each and every one of the family members.

The twist at the end of the novel was one that I never in a million years saw coming, but actually when it was explained and I came away from the finished book it all pieced itself together nicely. Nothing in her novels ever leave me thinking ‘Well that doesn’t work’; yet they also always manage to change things up and surprise me in the final few chapters.

Set in Australia these books have such a vast, out landish setting, that (for a British girl like myself) seems so bizarre and unique. I can not imagine a life where if you leave your house, you have to take days of supplies with you in the car in case you cant get back; where you can go weeks without seeing another human being. The Lost Man leaves you puzzled right till the very end, with so many questions of the past and about the death of Cameron, yet as always Jane Harper works her magic to wrap up the whole thing and leave you satisfied yet longing for her to release more work.

I gave this four out five stars, and you really should get your hands on a copy at the soonest possible moment; and if you hadn’t already then you really should read her previous books, ‘The Dry’ and ‘Force of Nature’.


Dealing with Negativity….

Surely I can not be the only one that gets very annoyed by people being so negative, while complaining that you are being negative. This has been something I have been struggling with a lot lately. Mental Health

On and day to day basis I struggle quite a lot with trying to stay positive because of my pain levels, tiredness and just generally feeling unwell. However I have always worked very hide to try and stay as positive as I possibly can, and see the bright and positive side of everything. Even in the darkest moments I will try and smile and laugh where I can, whether this be by mucking around or just generally being silly.

But, and I’m sure everyone can appreciate this, if the people around you are being negative then it does bring you down; though this is made even worse when the person who is being negative, then goes on to complain that YOU are being grumpy and negative, and being a downer.

This will regularly happen in my life, and it makes me flip every time. As soon as this happens I can not help but point out all the negative or nasty things that have been said, and just have a go right back at them.

As you can imagine this does not help anyone, and instead just causes more arguments and as can be expected more negativity.

Sometimes I just wish that people would accept that they are in a negative frame of mind and deal with it themselves, just like I do on a regular basis, rather than trying to spin it onto someone else.

Now I can understand how people could say that that is exactly what I am doing, but the truth is, this happens regularly with the same people. It will always follow a day where I have sat quietly because I have quickly noticed that someone is in a bad mood. Listening to various comments throughout the day that just gives evidence to the mood they are in. And then one bad look, one slightly negative comment and all of a sudden it is all my fault for ‘being in a bad mood all day’.

But anyway, that the moaning all done and dusted for another day. I would love to hear if anyone else ever has this problem? How do you deal with it?


31 in 31 days..

January was the month of challenging myself to publish a blog post each and every day. Lets just say that it has been a month of many challenges not just the one I set myself; I’ve had infections for the entire month, been on antibiotics since the 4th and had five emergency hospital visits. All while trying to achieve my own set challenges; between my TBR, and health goals, I can say I have not had the success I had been hoping.

Mental Health

So I had a day by day plan for what I wanted to post, and I can say that I definitely did not stick to it. I covered the topics that I most wanted to write about this month so, all in all I wouldn’t say that this was the worst of things. To be fair I am surprised that I managed to stick to the plan as much as I did.

As for the biggest part of the challenge, posting 31 different pieces over 31 days; that is a post a day for the whole month of January. I had been doing so well before I ended up in hospital because I collapsed, but that was really the final straw for me having to put the blog aside for just a moment. That being said I managed to only miss out on 3 days of posts. So that works out that I managed 28 different blog posts through out the month.

I have to say I am really proud of this, it was no easy task, but I feel like its been a good positive start to my blogging year, and I have lots of plans now for the coming months.

But that does leave me with one question. Should I move forward blogging twice or three times each week? Last year I worked on the aim of three posts a week, but I would really like my audiences opinion.

Have you ever thought of doing a full month of blogging? Or have you done it in the past? What did you find it taught you?



Some of my recommended blogs…

hkThere are so many bloggers out there, and there is just no way that any of us can achieve what we want to achieve without the support of each other. This is a community that will strive best if we can all wok together; yes there may be some competition but there is no reason why we cant help to promote each other at the same time. So this is just some of the many blogs that I really do feel that you should check out; I will probably do another one at a later date with some more..

Honestly, there is no other blog that I could start with than one of my best friends in this blogging community; she truly does so much for me, and I can honestly say that the blog would not be what it is now without her. Aimee over at Aimee Raindrop Writes is an amazing lifestyle and book blogger who covers such a wide range of topics. I adore all of her bookish posts, but her lifestyle pieces are often so relatable, plus you cant go wrong with a good haul post. You really should go and give her blog a looksie.

My next blog to mention is run by the lovely Ellie, over at Hatterell. Mostly a book blog, but with also university based posts, it really is any bookish nerds dream. Ellie’s blog aside, she is truly a lovely and supportive person, who always leaves really heart felt and supportive messages on my blog. For someone who is so sweet and kind, she deserves some love and attention to her blog.

The next is a blog that is after my own heart, full of book reviews of all different genres that leave my bank account hurting. RoseMarie over at Books and Stuff runs a fabulous blog full of all things bookish. Honestly if you love books anything like I do, then you really do need to go and have a nose at her blog; but you may want to prepare yourself for wanting to buy all the books.

Without this last and final person, same as Aimee really, my blog would probably never of got off the ground in the first place. Justine from Girl Gone Dreamer is another fantastic lifestyle blogger. Over the last few years I’ve had her constant support and advice. Girl Gone Dreamer covers so very many lifestyle related topics, with reviews, guest posts and advice pieces; and wow is it beautiful.

So those are my recommended blogs for today, each have their strengths and are all beautiful! You really should go and have a read as I believe that you will find a new blog to love.

Let me know of any blogs you would recommend; I am always looking for a new blog to read.


Tips for Chronic Pain…

If you have been around here for any length of time, it should be no news to you that I have been suffering with chronic pain for quite a long while. I have Fibromyalgia and EDS (Ehlers- Danlos Syndrome), both conditions where a major symptom is constant pain, that although is always there it can vary.Mental Health

For most people that suffer from chronic pain, and it is mostly just about finding ways to deal and cope with it. These can be treating the physical symptoms as well as dealing with how it effects you emotionally in your day to day life.

Me personally, I have a range of medication, most being pain killing medications, such as tramadol and morphine, but I also have Naproxen to try and deal with the source. In addition I also have medication for depression that is caused partly because of my pain levels and how it effects my life.

Now not everything works for everyone, and when it comes to medication you have to go through your doctor as they are the only ones that will know what is best for your personal situation. But there are things you can do for yourself.

Baths are a great way of relieving muscular pain. This can be caused from chronic pain, or even just sports injuries; siting and relaxing in nice warm water can work wonders for an achy back or legs. Its no miracle cure, but I have a bath before bed every night as I find it can just dull away some of the pain in my legs.

Another method that I use a lot is heat packing. Now some people find that ice packing works better, but they are both basically the same thing just opposite – I know that makes no sense. Essentially all you do is pack the painful area with either a hot water bottle or an ice pack, depending on what you find helps. So for me, each night I will pack my back, hip and sometimes legs and shoulder with hot water bottles; this eases off a lot of my pain just before I go to bed so that I can rest, relax and hope for a good nights sleep.

Although this one may be obvious, a lot of people don’t always think about it, and to be fair I was one of those that didn’t really think about it for the longest time. Change your clothes so they don’t put pressure on your pain spots. So my hips are a major pain spot for me, and I always found that jeans were too painful if they were around my hip. Nowadays I have discovered that I am better off with leggings that go over my hips and grip nearer my waist. I know that this is worse for some people so you really do just have to work out what is best for you; it took me trying several different styles of trousers to find something that wasn’t so painful, and it really it just trial and error.

Then finally, distraction. I know that this sounds super obvious but also many sufferers are probably looking at this being like ‘REALLY?’. I know that this can be a really challenge at the very best of times, but it really can be a real help. Ways to achieve this can be different for each person; for me its best when I read. I can sink into a new world and be absorbed for a little while until Im next due pain relief, or something. I know that others find it best to be drawn into movies, or video games and even some that find that learning new things can really help. It is just a matter of being busy so that you can just sit and get yourself worked up and down about your pain; this will never take away the pain, but it can sometimes just push it to the back of your brain for a little while so you don’t get as annoyed by it.

They are all my tips for dealing with Chronic Pain, I am always happy to talk to people about it, whether it be exchanging techniques or if you just want more information, plus I’m always here if you just need to have a moan and get it off your chest.



Lets Chat.. Getting Fed Up Now..

I feel like I have been doing one of these pieces each week lately, but I am just constantly needing to have a little bit of a whinge and moan, that I am being batted back and forth from doctor to hospital to doctor. Sometimes I think its not the being ill that gets me so fed up, but rather that its the people not believing me, telling me that my body will recover, just to wait a few days and be in a worse state. I am rather good at listening to my body, I have lived with my disabilities and my immune system trouble for my entire life, I know when its struggling.Mental Health

Now I am rather good at dealing with not feeling well, I am a master at bed resting and I rarely complain about having to do it; I actually have rather a lot of fun doing my bed rest diaries posts. But this time around, I am with a new GP doctors surgery, and I truly feel that to some degree I am just not being listened to. I began with a chest infection that developed into Pneumonia, and then when that cleared I ended up with a Kidney Infection. Long story short, I was sent to hospital to be admitted as I was starting to feel worse not better, they then discharged me after less than 24hours with Morphine for the pain, and told to wait till I finished the medication.

So here we are, having finished said antibiotics, and honestly, cross my heart, feeling a lot worse. I have truly got to the point where my entire body is completely exhausted. Just sitting writing this is really wearing me out unbelievably so. Anyway, back to the doctors this morning, I have a raging fever, high blood pressure, and super tachycardic.  So I have a kidney infection… STILL. So new antibiotics, and another bottle of morphine. Then back to the doctors on Friday if still feeling horrid.

Don’t you ever just wish a doctor would listen to you, when you know that something is up with your body, and you know that it isn’t coping and that you are in need of help.

Anyway, that’s my little moan for today. Hopefully this will be the last one for the month at least, but I cant promise anything.

What annoys you the most about the doctors and being ill?