My Recent Games on my Phone

I have always been a bad one for playing games on my phone, but in the past year I have become much worse with it, I have been getting highly addicted to games and finding myself completing them in a matter of days. So here I am going to let you know the ones that I have completed and since deleted, one I have played and decided I didn’t overly like, and ones I am currently playing. Hey, if any of you have any long waits coming up in cars or waiting rooms, it may give you some ideas. I do just want to say that I do not pay a single penny on any of the mobile games I play, they really are just something silly to sit and do when I am not feeling too well and just want to keep my brain occupied.

So there are two that I have actually completed all the challenges on and have hence deleted. The first is a game called Slices, a game where you are presented with different sections of a pie, and you have to try and complete as many full pies as possible. Its really quite straight forward, but you’d be surprised how much it has you thinking sometimes. Although you can just play it constantly, after I completely all the challenges, I found I actually got rather bored by it, which is why I then deleted it. However if you like games that get your brain thinking then I would definitely have a look at it.

The next is Shoot n Merge. Again this is a puzzle game a bit like Tetris, you have a moving ceiling and you have blocks with numbers. You have to match numbers together for them to merge into a larger number. This one was super addictive, but again once you have completed the challenges it does start to get to be a bit repetitive and  I lost the enjoyment from it. But it certainly kept me entertained for a month or so.

Now there are only two games that I have played and decided that I didn’t like so deleted. Both I just found got a bit boring and I never was wanting to play. Peak- Brain Training, was a really cool app, but what I hadn’t realised when I downloaded it was that it only lets you play so many games a day. You can get around this by paying, but as I said, I refuse to pay for these games as they are just boredom breakers for me. This was quickly deleted. The other was Snake V Blocks; I wont lie, I deleted this out of frustration. Its so addictive, but once you get stuck on it, it just seems like there is no way around it, so I angrily deleted this one. I would definitely contemplate reuploading this one in the future.

So the games that I am hooked on at the moment are very different although again they are both number based. Picture Cross is amazing, its like a picture jigsaw that you have to use number patterns in order to work out. This again gets really annoying when you get stuck on one, but once you get yourself over it, it is so very addictive. I am in love with this game, and am worried that I am starting to get to the end of the challenges so will ultimately be having to say goodbye to this one soon. If you know of any others that are as good this one then PLEASE let me know.

The other that I am playing on and off is a game called 2 for 2. This is another number game where you have to join numbers up in order for them to merge. Again highly addictive until you get stuck and then it becomes ultimate infuriating; but I have now come down to the last few challenges, but they are so tough that I think that it may take me a while.

I do still have Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery and Farmville downloaded, as these are still games that I will probably go back and continue with at some point, but at the moment I have not been in the mood for them. I also have Cooking Craze downloaded that I have been loving, but I just have not had the concentration to be playing it lately, but hopefully when Im more on the mend I will get back to this one.

In terms of next games to start playing, I have three others ready and waiting to go. They are Tiny Tower, Bloxorz, and VV Origins 2. Let me know if you have played any of these games and what you thought off them?

Please let me know of any other free mobile games that you have enjoyed, I would be very interested to try some more as I do seem to get through them rather quick at times. What have you been playing?


Best Memories of 2018

Right up to about 5 minutes ago, I was contemplating whether or not to actually right this. 2018 was a year of many ups and downs, full of strengthening my relationship with my amazing partner, to a very rocky ride with others; but I’m glad to say that the year has ended with things looking up. Sadly though, I did say goodbye to two of my cuddly babies, and I would say best friends, Drip and Digger. But less about that, as this is all about the positive.

One of the biggest positives of this year for me, has been getting to know the wonderful man that I have the pleasure to call my partner. He is so supportive, attentive, and over all caring, I would truly be lost with out him now; Im not one to rely on others, but he is such a big part of my life now, he helps me through my darkest times. DSC_0200
We have made several trips to Clacton and a beautiful holiday to Beccles in Norfolk, as well as many many day trips in Cambridge, Hertfordshire, and Bedfordshire. Probably too many of those turned out to be trips to the zoo, but I wouldn’t change a thing. img_0810

Another fabulous part of this past year, has been adopting my beautiful Barney. I mentioned him in my Cute and Cuddlys update, but he is truly proving to be a huge part of my life. I will never replace the dogs from my childhood, but Barney gives me company in a way only dogs can, you never have to be alone with a dog around. I cant wait to see what adventures we get up to in this new coming year.DSC_0234

My Dad started my year off amazingly, by taking me to the O2 to see the Script! Now, concerts are always rather hard for me due to my mobility issues, but we found a way, and found that the O2 actually have really useful systems in place in order to help those that struggle with their mobility. You can read all about that here.

You are probably picking up a bit of a theme here. I could write 1000s upon 1000’s of stories about the things me and my partner have gotten up to this year, but I will try to not bore you with the details. But I do just have to tell the funny story of when he very kindly tried to restart up my car after I managed to kill my battery. I’ll cut the story short, my battery was destroyed, so even jump starting it was a bit hit and miss. But we got it jumped from his car, so then went to take it for a drive to get some fuel, for me to then stall it about 30 metres away, down a slope. He then had to push it back up the hill, and jump it again. In the end, he just went and brought me a new battery, got to love a man who will look after your car as well as you. DSC_0205

I feel like the only way to complete this post would be to mention us spending the anniversary of our first date, sitting in the major unit at Addenbrokes hospital. Only a spoonie will understand the feeling of having a full romantic day planned, doing every thing we had said we wanted to, for me to wake up not feeling very well and quickly realising that something was not right with my heart and lungs. So we spent the majority of our day chilling in a hospital cubicle while I was tested on. Little did we know that I would end up with Pneumonia.

So that’s it, they are the key highlights of my year. I don’t think I would actually change a single thing about the year in the slightest. Dear has it had its lows, but they only make the highs seem even more special. How was your 2018?



Jan’19 Blog Goals

I don’t know if you are new around here, but if you aren’t then you would of noticed that I am on a bout of posting every day throughout January. Going into this I had a few reason; first of all, I had too many ideas of posts I wanted to do for the start if the year, secondly, I wanted to start the year off with a really good successful month. Start as you mean to go on right?

So my plans for January are rather straight forward, I am going to publish a post each and every day, varying in topic and style. Some more picture based, some just me offloading my mind (plus Im sure to forget photos for some as usual)… But hopefully they will all be of interest to some of you.

The hope is, with 31 posts in 31 days, that I will hit a minimum of 500 views through the month. This is a lot lower than I was aiming at times last year, but I am not well, and trying to study so I am being realistic. Quite often when I am not feeling 100%, social media is really the last thing on my mind; I know I’m terrible blogger, I love the writing, but I really am not a fan of self promotion. I enjoy comment threads when I have a moment of energy, but that is about it. So I feel that 500 is a realistic goal, and I’d be proud to achieve it.

Again, I am trying to keep things realistic with my WordPress follower goal. So I am going to set my target at 225. If any looks at my followers now, will spot that I am not too far from this already, but I have always found that my wordpress followers grow very slowly, so I just want to aim for something that I am more likely to achieve. This is something I feel comfortable with; but as the year goes on I will be pushing myself, but currently my priority is in recovering from being so ill.

So for the month of January those are all the goals for the blog and social media that I am going to set myself. I will be keeping up with my posting throughout January all things going as planned, but may not always be on social media each day, so be sure to check back each day.

Now, the all important question,.. I am starting to plan out February, but should I be doing 2 or 3 posts each week once January is over? Ideally I want a rough schedule, but as normal with tours and things, I will still be doing more now and again.

Look forward to hearing your opinions. 🙂




Cute and Cuddly’s Update

I didn’t really know what to call this post, as I don’t want it to seem too formal. This is purely a cute post to give you an update on all my adorable (at least to me) fur babies; plus who doesn’t love some cute photos to brighten your day.

img_4806Sadly last year I lost my two baby boys, the gerbils, Drip and Digger. I had mentioned them several times on the blog with Gerbil Antics, as well as celebrating having them for three years. They were my absolute angels, and loved them to pieces; who knew that two tiny rodents could get you through such a hard time when nothing else seemed to work? The one thing with their passing that I can be glad of, was they both went from just old age, and only a few weeks apart. I know that I gave them both a wonderful life, and did everything I ever could to make them happy and comfortable.



But last year also brought me my absolute guardian angel of a fluff ball.  Barney (Barney Bear, Barnaby, Baby, Barnabous, he has many names..), is one of the most amazingly talented while brilliantly adorable dog I could ever ask for. He will never replace my two previous dogs, but Barney is all the help I have needed, having trained him to assist me he is such a help. I once again have the confidence to be home on my own, knowing that if I was to fall or have any issues then he would be there for me and would do all he could to get the attention of someone to come and help me. And when he isn’t helping me physically, he has me laughing constantly at his stupidity, and hilarious behaviour.img_0698-1

The constant beauty as always are my three degu girls, Belle, Ariel and Mulan. Rescuing those three are one of the best things I think I have ever done; seeing them improve more and more each and every day, makes all the bite, scratches and generally hard work Ive done for them all worth it. They are absolutely monkeys, monster and general terrors. My Nan even refers to them as Monsters Inc. From the scared shy little creatures they were they are now adorable little characters, who love nothing more than a tummy rub and a monkey nut from your hand. It truly is a fantastic feeling to have them climbing on your hand, trying to groom you as if you were one of their own.

So that’s an update on all the furry beings in my mad house. They are all so adorable and add so much character to the house. You never go an hour without hearing one of them getting up to mischief, whether that be the girls have a bustle, or Barney wanting tummy rubs. I just love them all.img_0693

Do you have any pets?


Life Goals 2019

2019 will be my year, I am determined to have a year where I can walk away from it proud and happy that I have achieved all that I want to achieve. This last year has been one that I look back on positively, and have achieved a lot to better myself; but there always things that could be improved, and 2019 is going to be the year where I do everything to the best of my ability. Look back at my Initial plans posts to see what I have coming up this year..


The biggest goal for 2019 is to be happy. Be happy in absolutely everything I do; often I have little to no control over what I am able and capable to do physically, leaving me in bed quite a lot and missing out on things I may of wanted to do. But life is too short for regret and being unhappy, so I am going to make sure that no matter my physical state this year, I am going to be happy and enjoy myself. Whether that’s out having adventures, or at home with a book, I am going to learn to be happy and see the positive in everything I do. I know its cheesy, but its something that I think is going to really improve my mental health; at times it’ll be easier said than done, after all you don’t have full control over your mental health, but its a goal none the less to strive to see the positive in every situation. Fingers crossed to keep my depression at bay this year.

My second goal is to read; get back to reading to the level I have in the past. This year I have really put reading on the back burner while I’ve been busy with lots of different aspects of life, and I truly miss it. I want to get back to reading a book a week, if not more. I have set my Goodreads goal to 50, so a bit lower than 2018, but I am working on the basis that’s it more positive to reach a goal and exceed it, than to miss it and be disappointed. There is also lots of good new books coming out this year so I really need to get back to my reading rhythm.

My final goal is to start making healthier choices. I am not going to say that I nessacarily want to lose weight or exercise more as my health doesn’t always allow me to do that. But I am going to start doing this to make myself as healthy as possibly mentally and physically. My health has declined a lot in the past few years, and I can see the ways in which I have not helped it, so I’m going to make this a year of smart healthy choices.

That’s all my goals for this upcoming year. I don’t want to set anything too rigid as with many spoonie lives, it is not always easy to stick to things too solidly, you have to listen to your body at all times.

What are you hoping to achieve this year?


What’s in my Bullet Journal?

Recently, I told you about how I started my Bullet Journal, and some of my reasons for starting it. I can not wait to do more posts about my journal, from the equipment I use and the different spreads I have tried out. But for today I thought I would let you know about my pattern of what I have in my current journal for each month.

Each month is started with a monthly overview page, that just consists of a list of events, birthday and any important information that I feel is relevant for the upcoming month. Alongside this I also have a ‘Highlights’ page, which I just update throughout the month with any super special things that happen in the month.

The only ‘trackers’ as such that I have in my journal now, are one for my books and one for the blog. On the book pages I just have a list of challenges, the books I plan on reading for the month, and then throughout the month I have a section where I write the books that I actually end up reading. Within the four pages I have for my blog, I have a mini calendar of the dates that I am planning on posting new blog posts, and a little ‘Brain Dump Area’ where I just note down any different blog post ideas that I may have. The other three blog pages are just left blank for me to record what I have worked on with the blog, so I can see what I have scheduled and can leave notes for myself if I need to make any edits.

Just for fun I then have a section of questions for fun. I use the 365 Questions that you can find on Pinterest; there are loads on there of all different varieties. I just like having this as its something fun to do each day, and some of the questions really do get me thinking at the start of the day. When I write the questions out, I sometimes tweak them a little just to make them more fitting for me personally- again that’s the beauty of bullet journal.

Then we get to my weeklys. Weeklys are a common spread in bullet journals as it is just a few pages where you plan out your week in terms of any appointments as well as all the things you want to get done that week. On my weeklys I have a weekly calendar so I can draw out and see what I am up to that week, which I find then helps me to plan out when I’m going to manage to get my study done for that week. Opposite this I have three sections, Notes, To Do Tasks and Key Memories. Its as simple as it sounds, I write any notes for the week in the notes, the things I want to get done in the ‘To Do Tasks’, and then through out the week I put any happy moments that have happened during the week in the ‘Key Memories’ section. I love to just have a note of happy moments in life in my journal as I find them nice to read back over when I am having a tough day.

Then the final pages I have each month in my journal are my ‘Daily Tasks’, again another very typical bullet journal page. I don’t feel like I need to explain this too much as it really is what it sounds like, it is just an area for me to write my to-do list each day to help me keep my days focused. I will admit, I am always over ambitious with it, giving myself loads of things to do that I will never be able to do all of.

Do you have a bullet journal? What do you include in yours?


Initial plans for 2019

Normally I don’t really go into each year with any real plans for what will happen. Yes I may have goals of things I want to integrate into my daily routine or an overall thing I want to work harder on, but this year I am going in to it confident that this is going to be the year of some pretty big changes. And for once changes for the better at that.schizo

2018 was the year I have met the man I am confident I will spend the rest of my life with (I know, you’re probably going to think I’m a naïve girl, but its the truth), and we are set for setting up our life together this year. Our first big plan, which hopefully will move forward some point this month, is that we are going to be moving out and getting ourselves a home. The plan is to rent somewhere local to his work, but certainly looking for a home that we can call our own for the next few years. I know I moan a lot about moving, but this time around I am honestly more excited than I am anything else. This is my next step to independence and its going to be with someone that I know will be there to help me when I am limited.

It has been a long time coming but I am also planning to finish Level 1 of my degree. I am once again contemplating switching up what the degree is actually in, but after 3 years, it is about time that I finally get around finishing off what it essentially my first year of university. Well as you’ll probably of picked up, I am actually not really very up to date with my university work, and am actually running a bit behind schedule; but some dedication and hard work will get me all caught up in the end.

The only other big plan for the year is a wonderful, luxurious holiday with my man and his family. We have really gotten so lucky in that his parents have paid us, and his entire family to go away for a week at the end of March. I have not had a relaxing holiday in what feels like forever, yes I’ve been away, but I haven’t been away to sit and rest. A week in the sun, all inclusive food and drinks, my man, and two of my favourite mini humans. I am seriously so excited, although I don’t know if I’ll get any reading done as such, but just to sit in the sun, with a nice cold drink sounds ideal to me.

Those are my plans for the year this early on, and I am really looking forward to this year. What are your early plans for 2019?