What’s in my Bullet Journal?

Recently, I told you about how I started my Bullet Journal, and some of my reasons for starting it. I can not wait to do more posts about my journal, from the equipment I use and the different spreads I have tried out. But for today I thought I would let you know about my pattern of what I have in my current journal for each month.

Each month is started with a monthly overview page, that just consists of a list of events, birthday and any important information that I feel is relevant for the upcoming month. Alongside this I also have a ‘Highlights’ page, which I just update throughout the month with any super special things that happen in the month.

The only ‘trackers’ as such that I have in my journal now, are one for my books and one for the blog. On the book pages I just have a list of challenges, the books I plan on reading for the month, and then throughout the month I have a section where I write the books that I actually end up reading. Within the four pages I have for my blog, I have a mini calendar of the dates that I am planning on posting new blog posts, and a little ‘Brain Dump Area’ where I just note down any different blog post ideas that I may have. The other three blog pages are just left blank for me to record what I have worked on with the blog, so I can see what I have scheduled and can leave notes for myself if I need to make any edits.

Just for fun I then have a section of questions for fun. I use the 365 Questions that you can find on Pinterest; there are loads on there of all different varieties. I just like having this as its something fun to do each day, and some of the questions really do get me thinking at the start of the day. When I write the questions out, I sometimes tweak them a little just to make them more fitting for me personally- again that’s the beauty of bullet journal.

Then we get to my weeklys. Weeklys are a common spread in bullet journals as it is just a few pages where you plan out your week in terms of any appointments as well as all the things you want to get done that week. On my weeklys I have a weekly calendar so I can draw out and see what I am up to that week, which I find then helps me to plan out when I’m going to manage to get my study done for that week. Opposite this I have three sections, Notes, To Do Tasks and Key Memories. Its as simple as it sounds, I write any notes for the week in the notes, the things I want to get done in the ‘To Do Tasks’, and then through out the week I put any happy moments that have happened during the week in the ‘Key Memories’ section. I love to just have a note of happy moments in life in my journal as I find them nice to read back over when I am having a tough day.

Then the final pages I have each month in my journal are my ‘Daily Tasks’, again another very typical bullet journal page. I don’t feel like I need to explain this too much as it really is what it sounds like, it is just an area for me to write my to-do list each day to help me keep my days focused. I will admit, I am always over ambitious with it, giving myself loads of things to do that I will never be able to do all of.

Do you have a bullet journal? What do you include in yours?


Lets Chat… I have Pneumonia

I set this challenge of doing a full month of blogging throughout January and although I am determined to keep up with it, but as normal life has thrown a curve ball. Todays post is running over 12 hours late, although still going live on the right day (so that’s counts), as I spent most of yesterday in A&E and then most of today asleep.

Since October, I have really been struggling with my breathing, been back and forth to Doctors, tried various treatments and inhalers, then ended up in A&E between Christmas and New Year. Was discharged and told to rest and that it was just a virus, but have been progressively getting worse ever since. Yesterday was the breaking point for me and my partner who could tell I was really not in a good way; so after calling 111, who suggested sending an ambulance, my partner took me to A&E.

For as A&E trips go it was a rather quick one, an ECG, lots of prodding and poking, and we find out I have pneumonia in my left lung. How in the world it has taken this long for them to work it out for it to then be discovered in just an hour I do not know. Even the doctor I saw yesterday said that this likely started off a lot more minor than it has now developed.

So an agreement was made that I would go home and stay in bed for the entirety of the week; I am on incredibly strong antibiotics, and am going back to the Doctors on Tuesday. If I feel any worse or anything changes badly, then I have to go straight back to A&E.

For now I’m just resting with my Nan here to help look after me, and catching up on some TV. Oh and sleeping a lot! I seem incapable of getting enough sleep at the moment, forcing myself awake for a bit just to get some stuff done.

Here’s fingers crossed to a quick recovery.


January ’19 TBR

Normally my TBR posts are a joint piece combining what I want to read in the coming month as well as what I read in the month before; but like much of 2018, I didn’t manage to read anything, and you have to actually read to write a wrap up. So we are starting the year with hopefully the only pure TBR post of the year, and that is what I am hoping to read in January.

After so many awful months of barely reading at all, I am not going to try and not aim to high to begin with. I much prefer the idea of setting the bar low, and being pleasantly surprised if I happen to get around to more books than planned. I think that two and my poll book will be a good base to start with, I feel like I should hopefully be easily able to read three books within a month.

The first book of the year that I am planning on, and hopefully sticking to, is The Lost Man by Jane Harper. I adored The Dry by Jane Harper, and quite enjoyed The Force of Nature; I am so excited for this one and have the honour of doing my review for it on the 4th of Feb, so keep your eyes open.

One I started back in November, and was actually really enjoying is the next one that I will picking up; that book would be Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik. A fairytale retelling, this is set to be an amazing novel, that I am really excited to jump back into; still so unknowing as to why I even put it down. The hope is that I can fly through this one.

That leads us onto the twitter poll for this month. Some point today it will be going live, and your book options for the first poll of the year are…

Fantastic Beasts; The Crimes of Grindelwald by JK Rowling. I got this for Christmas and not too sure why I haven’t already picked this up, I was so excited for the movie but I haven’t managed to see it yet, so that gives me the perfect situation to read the playscript first.

Clash of Empires by Ben Kane. One of my all time favourite historical fiction authors, I have had this book since the day it came out and I really can not wait to pick it up.

Shiang by CF Iggulden. Another historical author, but this is the sequel to his first fantasy novel; I loved the first, and although I started this one, I put it down. No idea why, as I really should love it.

So that’s it, you can choose which of the three I add to my TBR. What are you planning on reading this month?


Initial plans for 2019

Normally I don’t really go into each year with any real plans for what will happen. Yes I may have goals of things I want to integrate into my daily routine or an overall thing I want to work harder on, but this year I am going in to it confident that this is going to be the year of some pretty big changes. And for once changes for the better at that.schizo

2018 was the year I have met the man I am confident I will spend the rest of my life with (I know, you’re probably going to think I’m a na├»ve girl, but its the truth), and we are set for setting up our life together this year. Our first big plan, which hopefully will move forward some point this month, is that we are going to be moving out and getting ourselves a home. The plan is to rent somewhere local to his work, but certainly looking for a home that we can call our own for the next few years. I know I moan a lot about moving, but this time around I am honestly more excited than I am anything else. This is my next step to independence and its going to be with someone that I know will be there to help me when I am limited.

It has been a long time coming but I am also planning to finish Level 1 of my degree. I am once again contemplating switching up what the degree is actually in, but after 3 years, it is about time that I finally get around finishing off what it essentially my first year of university. Well as you’ll probably of picked up, I am actually not really very up to date with my university work, and am actually running a bit behind schedule; but some dedication and hard work will get me all caught up in the end.

The only other big plan for the year is a wonderful, luxurious holiday with my man and his family. We have really gotten so lucky in that his parents have paid us, and his entire family to go away for a week at the end of March. I have not had a relaxing holiday in what feels like forever, yes I’ve been away, but I haven’t been away to sit and rest. A week in the sun, all inclusive food and drinks, my man, and two of my favourite mini humans. I am seriously so excited, although I don’t know if I’ll get any reading done as such, but just to sit in the sun, with a nice cold drink sounds ideal to me.

Those are my plans for the year this early on, and I am really looking forward to this year. What are your early plans for 2019?


2018 Recap and Goal Review

Well 2018 has been a bit of a rollercoaster but the overall feeling from it is definitely positive. Yet another house move, more injuries, and lots of being ill; but I have met some amazing people, got my new best friend, and generally got my life back on track.schizo

2018 has been a year of moving forward, with many different aspects of my life. If you have ever experienced life with disability then you will know that to some degree any movement forward always goes hand and hand with an element of pause and shift backwards; its never as straight forward as just moving ahead with the situation as there will always be a new thing come about that causes you step back. But that being said, I have had such an amazing year on the whole, met one of the most wonderful people I have ever met and gotten to start building a life with him, I adopted my new best friend and crazy little helper, and finally I can see a future that I want to experience.So as for my goals for the year and how I did with them, you can read the post where I outlined them here. Well overall I would say I probably completely and utterly flopped with almost all of them. The only goal that I feel that I even got close to achieving was getting myself out there and meeting new people. Okay, so I may not overly of gotten myself out there, and I may not of met that many new people; but I have met a new man, and am building what is looking to be a very exciting future. Along with that, Ive met a lot of people through him, I have made friends, family, and just a generally lovely bunch of people.

My goal to increase my level of activity this year has been very hit and miss. At times, I have been really succeeding with it, but on the whole I would say I failed. This year has been a rough one in terms of disability especially in the aspect of my mobility, which left me unable to walk and often wheelchair bound for the best part 6 months. That being said, during that time was when I became the most focused on really wanting to get my yoga routine sorted. You can read about that in this previous post.

Like wise with my University, its been one rocky year. I ended up stopping my module that I was working on at the time of my goals post last year, but I have since picked it back up. It started off so well, I had a really nice proper routine in place where I was getting all the work done and the extra that I like to do. But since about December this has completely flopped and I am now sitting at about 5 weeks behind. I actually really miss studying and I do want to do it, but as you would of noticed last year with the blog, I am just struggling to find productive hours in a day around all I need to do for my health.

Lastly, and easily my biggest fail of the year, is with wanting to get back to volunteering. With all the ups and downs with my health this year, and then with yet another house move, I never even got around to looking for a volunteer work position. To be fair, I don’t think my lifestyle with dealing with severe pain, fatigue and my drop falls, would actually allow for it now; hopefully in the future I will get the opportunities again.

This year has really proved to me that you can have the worst of years in terms of achieving what you wanted to achieve, but it can still be an overall positive year. I have loved so many experiences, and opportunities that I have had this year, and there is nothing I would change as it wouldn’t then put me in the position I’m in now, planning my future.

How was your 2018? Did you achieve everything you wanted to?




Hello January, Hello 2019…

Wow, its that time again, its been another whole year and its been one hell of a ride. This year has been full of ups and downs, twists and turns, euphoric highs and rollercoaster falls; but its certainly been worth it.

So to kick off this new year, I am filling this entire month of January with a new blog post each and every day– (well at least, that’s the aim). If you have followed me for a little while then you will know that I have not always stuck to my blogging plans this year, and its been a very hit and miss year for the consistency of blogging. I have determination this year though that I will achieve all 31 posts for this month.

Now that’s where its over to you.. I still have many spaces left for ideas for what you would like to see from me. It can be anything, books, health, lifestyle, tags; I am an open book, excited to hear what you would like to see on the blog this month.

I will try my best to keep up with all the ideas, and if I don’t get round to them this month then don’t worry, I will get round to them in the following months.

Well that’s it for day one, short but sweet. Happy New Year, I hope you had fun seeing off the end of 2018 however you celebrated.


Bed Rest Diaries #3 Part 2

Well if you were here last week then you would of seen that I have been feeling a bit rough and that I did a short stint on bed rest, you can see the post here. Despite really hoping to be back on my feet so I could head back to my partners house, it really did not work out that way and am still at the time of writing this, on bed rest. schizo

On Wednesday, I was told to keep resting due to the antibiotics upsetting my stomach; normally you would try new antibiotics, but as I have had issues with them already not working, they really didn’t want to do this, and was told to try and keep going with them for now.

Wednesday wasn’t exactly the most resting of days, my partner and his little lady came over for lunch. Now watching a one year old may be tiring instead of resting but it does really help me with my mental health; I don’t know if that is a general thing, but spending the day with that little lady, makes it almost impossible to not smile. I cant help but think that spending time with young children, or just children that are happy and playful, will always find a way of brightening your day. Little Beauty, as well as her Daddy, always make me happy.

But after talking to the doctor, I then headed back to bed and proceeded to binge watch all of season one and half of season two of Fear the Walking Dead. Wow, I didn’t expect it to be so good! I have never been a fan of the Walking Dead, but this has really got all of my intention. Don’t really mind being on bed rest if I get to binge watch this.

Thursday became a complete rest day. My Nan has come over to help me out, and I spent the entire day just working on my journal and doing some blog planning. I find these to be things that are ideal for resting for me, they keep my brain working, while allowing my body to completely rest and recuperate. With silly TV on for background noise, I love getting my craft box out and doing some planning. Sadly though, with me struggling to get my eyes to focus because of headaches, I have not been able to read which is really disappointing for me as I love to try and marathon through books when I’m on bed rest.

And that leads us onto today, Friday. Once again, I was back to the doctors, but thankfully this time I was told that my chest has finally cleared up. Unfortunately though my body is still showing signs of infection, and my lunch capacity test thing came up really rather low. So another few days on the nasty antibiotics, and lots more resting. Today has been a much better resting day, watched silly Christmas films with my Nan, and once again working on some journal prep. I feel a touch better mentally today just from having the doctor tell me my chest is clear, but sometimes that is half the battle when you have anxiety. Now I’m going to spend the evening watching the soaps, and relaxing before an early night I think.

Well, I am returning to this on Thursday… Yes that is almost an entire week since I last updated, and I have to say that resting has completely failed. We went out Saturday night for a Christmas meal with my Mums family, and although I was very apprehensive, it actually went really well. But that was then followed by a dinner at my partners, and then a few very tough and trying days helping look after my partners daughter. Sad to say this included an almost 12 hour stint in A&E. All is good now though, and am finally back home.

Still I am having a few issues with breathing whenever I try to do anything, so it is looking like I will be doing a further phone call to the doctors tomorrow.

How has your week been?